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Fitness Running – Great Workout to Improve Your Racing Strength

When you are doing your weekly training sessions it is a good idea to include strength training into your training program. This means you do not have to lift weight but it does mean you can add a few strength exercises. One great exercise to build strength is circuit training. Circuits are simple to do because all they involve is a warm up session at the start, then a series of strength building exercises at different points or stations. In between each point or station you run at speed then, there is a cool down. Although simple in design the result is very effective. Circuits will give you an all body workout which will strengthen your legs, arms, core muscles and lungs.

Although, circuits are used by many different athletes they are particularly effective for the runner. This is because circuit training targets the specific muscle groups that runners use over longer distance. The sessions in between where you have to sprint are very effective at improving your speed. It is no wonder the military use them to keep fit.

A great benefit with circuits is that you do not have to go to a sweaty gym to do them. You can even do them in your own home. Although you need to do is plan out 5 stations that will represent 5 different types of exercise workouts. Space each station apart by approximately 10 or 15 meters depending on the space available. It you have a bigger backyard you can increase the distance between each station.

For each station use a variety of different exercise routines as follows

1) Use a yoga mat for doing sets of press ups, sit ups and crunches

2) Set of weights to do arm curls, shoulder shrugs

3) A chair or table to do sets of dips

4) A stepper or bench for doing step -ups

5) Heavier hand weights for running on the spot or doing air punches