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Calorie Burning Workouts: Get Six-Pack Abs With These Calorie Burning Workouts

If you are trying to get six pack abs here are some calorie burning workouts to help you get chiseled abs quicker with better results. Here I will share with you some workouts to get better results with you abs helping you get to your six-pack abs faster.

Ball crunches are an excellent way to improve the abs. Specifically ball crunches are good for you if you have weak abs because ball crunches not only focus on your abs but also help increase the balance in your core. You can increase the intensity of your workout by adding weights in your hands while doing crunches on the ball. This will add to the resistance applied on your abdominals.

Another one of the calorie burning workouts that you can use to improve your abs is the extended leg crunch. This is a double crunch, in that you are not only working your upper body as you raise your shoulders off the ground but you also extend and contract your legs while doing the crunch. Thus working both your upper abs as well as your lower abs and adding additional resistance to your overall workout.

If you want to focus on your sides while doing crunches and reducing your love handles, try the bicycle crunches. In this type of crunch you alternate your legs between being extended and contracted like you would on a bicycle while raising your shoulders across. So if your left leg is contracted, bring your right shoulder towards that leg and keep alternating. To add resistance to this calorie burning workout keep your extended leg as close to the ground as possible without touching.

The best of the calorie burning workouts for your abs is the leg raised crunches. In this type of crunch you have both your legs raised in the air a little bit off the ground without touching it. This already engages you lower abs. Now if you do regular crunching without your legs suspended in the air the upper abs have to work harder to raise your shoulder off the ground. This will give your abs an intense workout and burn calories overall for your body.

A word of caution, most people think that when it comes to having six pack abs all you need to do is sit-ups and stomach crunches ignoring any other calorie burning workouts. However, this is a fallacy that most trainers will tell you – working out on one specific spot will not help you reduce that spot. If this were true most people would have perfect six packs.