4 Things All New Treadmill Owners Need to Know

You just bought a treadmill – now what? While it’s easy to just plug it in and start going, doing a bit of reading first can help you get a longer life out of your treadmill and more out of your workouts. Check out these Four Things All New Treadmill Owners Need to Know to take care of your body and your treadmill.

A properly-maintained treadmill can last many years despite heavy use. Avoid breakdowns and repair fees by taking care of your new machine. Be certain to:

Keep it clean
Dust and clean every week. Pay especial attention to the belt area and any other moving parts. Dust and lint buildup can cause your belt to catch and not run as smoothly, eventually leading to major wear on the belt, the machine, and you yourself.

Watch the belt
Every so often, check the belt tension. A treadmill belt should neither be too tight nor too loose. A too-tight belt won’t move smoothly and can cause friction and heat damage. A too loose belt doesn’t make for a good experience, either, and it can get caught. After continuous use, treadmill belts may stretch and become loose. Periodically check the tension: you can usually find two screws on the back that you can turn if it needs adjustment.

Place the treadmill on a floor mat.
This isn’t for the floor’s sake, but for the treadmill’s. A treadmill directly on the floor can suck up lint and other debris that accumulates in carpet, blows across hardwood, or sits on tile. A floor mat will help keep the apparatus clean and running smoothly.

Use a surge protector
May treadmills have expensive electronic parts in the console. Protect your investment by using a surge protector.

Read the manual
In the excitement, it can be easy to just plug in the treadmill and get going immediately. If you haven’t bought yet, first read some treadmill reviews to find the best, most reliable product. A little patience now can save you a lot of hassle later on – check out treadmill reviews, read the manual, and follow the guidelines.

Many treadmills come with safety features built-in. Some have automatic stops, others require a password and only allow authorized users. Use the built-in safety features first. When starting out, don’t get directly on the belt. Stand to the side, then step on, carefully observing how the belt moves with you.

Along with the built-in safety features, some taking some common-sense precautions can go a long way. Put the treadmill in a safe place, keep away from swimming pools, young children, and animals. Maintain your treadmill properly; a poorly-maintained treadmill can malfunction, causing a safety hazard. Acclimate yourself to your new treadmill. Expect to have to get used to the way it feels, and plan accordingly.

Be consistent.
Consistency is key to the success of any program. Far too many people spend a lot of money on exercise equipment, use it a lot the first week, a day or two the second week, then by the third week it’s gathering dust in the corner. Make a schedule and create a program that you can stick to.

Start out slowly.
Don’t burn yourself out in your first few workouts. Get used to the machine, find out what your body can do. Then start pushing it.

Use interval training.
Studies have shown the alternating between an easy and a hard pace yields faster, better results than consistently working at a moderate pace. Consider walking for thirty seconds, then sprinting for the next thirty. Continue alternating until you reach twenty minutes. Even though you spent half of the workout walking, you’ll feel like you were running the whole time!

Listen to upbeat music.
If you listen to slow music, your workout will go slowly. Pop in some stuff with a quick beat to add some pep to your workout.

Now that you have your treadmill, how are you going to use it? Setting goals and creating a training program greatly improve your chances of success. Here are a few ideas to consider as you get into your new routine:

Check out some treadmill accessories to increase the effectiveness of your workouts and prolong your treadmill’s life. Invest in a floor mat so that your treadmill doesn’t suck up lint and dust. A pedometer can help you keep track of your steps both on and off of the treadmill. A cleaning kit can help you with that maintenance. You can also find many books and videos with innovative treadmill workouts. Read up on some treadmill reviews and accessories for more ideas in this area.

Now that you know what to do with your new treadmill, it’s time to do it! Get up, get out, and get fit.