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Five questions to ask a female personal trainer before hiring

Several individuals, especially females, are not comfortable performing yoga and various other exercises in groups, while others are unable to cope with the group class schedules due to their daily hectic schedules. This is why many working women prefer to hire a female personal trainer or watch personal fitness training videos online to learn and practice a variety of exercises in order to achieve their health goals.

There are several benefits of hiring a female personal trainer such as learning a variety of exercises as well as knowing the significance of each of them, getting the right diet planned according to your daily schedule, care and prevention from getting injured when performing risky exercises, excellent, personal guidance to perform exercises without harming weak points of the body, and achieving your health goals in a specific time span.

However, it is very important to ensure that you hire an expert and experienced female personal trainer to have a weight loss workout plan that will help you accomplish your fitness goals by acquiring quality training for performing yoga and other exercises. Here are a few questions that you will need to ask a personal trainer before hiring her.

Ask for certification and the organization that issued certification:This is the prime question that you should ask any trainer. Certification is a credential issued by an institution with its own educational and examining procedures that include oral, written, and practical exam sections. This ensures that the trainer has sound knowledge on a variety of exercises and is skilled in performing and teaching various kinds of exercises in a proper manner. At the same time, make sure that the trainer has received certification from a reputed institution such as National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) or American Council on Exercise (ACE). Ideally the trainer should also be certified in First Aid/CPR and possess credentials proving skill in it.

Ask for experience: It is very important for your personal trainer to have good experience
in training several individuals in achieving their fitness goals. This ensures her excellence in training you in a variety of exercises to help you get in shape in an appropriate manner, by developing the necessary weight loss workout plan and diet plan. You can even ask for references of her last three clients whom you can contact to ensure excellence in her training skills. You can call these references to inquire whether they were successful in achieving their health goals, how the trainer guided them, and what the best qualities of the trainer are.

Ask the trainer for her training philosophy: An experienced, credible trainer should be able to explain the philosophy of an exercise routine. This doesn’t mean a you need a dissertation but she should be able to explain a few things such as how she helps the clients to achieve their fitness goals, how she motivates them, whether she offers a good diet plan, and similar aspects of her role in training you. See whether she asks for your reasons to learn various exercises as this is the best way a trainer can determine your commitment level. Do not hire a trainer, who does not enquire why you want to exercise and what your expected goals are.

Ask for their training charges: Charges for personal fitness training vary depending on

where you reside, the trainer’s qualifications, and their experience. Get a clarification and breakdown of all fees as some trainers charge on per session basis, while some offer workout packages and discounted ratesfor a certain number of pre-paid sessions. Also inquire about the mode of payment as some of them accept only cash payment, while others accept check payments. Avoid hiring a trainer, who responds to a question regarding charges with statements such as “How much can you afford to pay?” or “How much are you planning to spend?”. These trainers are more interested in money than providing you quality training.

Inquire how they manage to stay in shape: Trainers should maintain their physique well and you should inquire how they achieve their own fitness goals. Hire the trainer who achieves her fitness goals by having an appropriate, well-planned diet and practicing yoga and other exercises regularly. Avoid hiring trainers, who achieve their health goals by consuming things such as drugs or steroids and who are obsessed with exercises. Online personal fitness training videos can help you learn the right techniques to achieve fitness goals.

By wisely discovering the answers to these five points before hiring a female personal trainer, you can ensure you get an expert trainer who offers you quality training to get in shape and attain your health goals as soon as possible.