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Coping With Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer diagnosis and treatment can prove very stressful and overwhelming. A diagnosis of prostate cancer triggers many emotions. There is fear, uncertainty, anger, anxiety, depression and sometimes self-pity or denial. However, hundreds of thousands of men have lived with the same experience. It will be easier if you draft a coping action plan to…

Precaution and Treatment Help to cure Prostate Problem

In today’s Ultra modern life, people are so busy that they even forgot to go for their semester and annual medical examination, but this ignorance can lead to devastating medical health problems. Some of the health issues are hazardous and can become harmful, if these are not cured on time. Prostrate problem is common these…

Prostate cancer treatment – a brilliant new technology

NanoKnife is a device which implements technology called irreversible electroporation to electrically target and kill specific tumor cells. The “NanoKnife” is actually an electric field – that can be precisely targeted to “poke” tiny holes in tumor cells, while not affecting adjacent organs. The ultra-precision of the NanoKnife allows physicians to treat tumors that in…