Who Wants Some Healthy Snacks For On The Go?

If you’re like most working Americans, you find it difficult to fit in healthy snacks in a pinch, and if you work in corporate America, chances are, the M&Ms in that break room vending machine are pretty tempting. However, the 236 calories in that bag are probably going to leave you feeling hungry long after you throw away the wrapper. Here are some healthy and easy quick snack foods you can throw in the office fridge to kill those mid-afternoon hunger pangs.

-Apples with peanut butter – cut a red delicious (or whatever type you prefer) in 8 slices, slap some peanut butter on each one, and throw in a Tupperware or plastic baggie. All the fiber should hold you over for a while.

-Sunflower seeds – a handful of sunflower seeds will provide you with 90% of your daily vitamin E intake, 55% of your vitamin B1 (thiamin), and is loaded with other nutrients like magnesium, manganese, and B5, among others.

-Hummus – paired with some wheat crackers, this is a tasty treat that can hold you over until dinner, thanks to the protein and dietary fiber in it. Hummus also contains loads of iron and vitamin C. Also, when eaten with pita bread, the combination provides your daily nutritional intake of all essential amino acids.

-Yogurt and granola – Besides tasting really great together, yogurt is an excellent source of protein, calcium, riboflavin and B12, and granola provides you with filling fiber. Also, you have about a billion different flavor varieties in today’s yogurt. Just make sure to select a brand that is low in sugar and moderate in calories if you’re watching your weight.

-Baby carrots with low fat ranch – Baby carrots by themselves can be kind of bland, but pair them with a low fat dressing of your choice, and you might be whistling a different tune. Again, lots of fiber in this snack. Fiber is one of the keys to feeling full while eating less. If you’re still hungry, pair them with some popcorn or another snack on this list.

-Cottage cheese and canned peaches – Easy, healthy, and tasty. Breakstone’s makes cottage cheese even more convenient by providing yogurt-sized snack cups, and you can usually find snack packs of canned peaches somewhere on the pudding aisle. Fruit and dairy – a winning combination filled with calcium and vitamins A and C.

These are just a few ideas. Remember, if you are trying to lose weight that some of these may not be appropriate or you may need to watch the timing of them. My best advice is healthy food choices in smaller portions more times per day.