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Take Up Yoga For a Healthy and Sound Life

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Yoga frees our minds of sufferings, grief and disappointments. To have a healthy and sound life, our mind should be clear of all kinds of sickening thoughts. Yoga encourages the mind to become sharp and more attentive.

We all know that our mind controls our body. A good state of mind is achieved when we are able to use our mind properly. Yoga is the ultimate way to keep our minds under control. Our mind gets attached to material things and also to our loved ones easily. Yoga helps us to wipe out these flaws and strengthen our minds to attain perfection. And once we achieve our destiny, our mind and body becomes one. The breathing exercises in yoga help the body’s energy to flow freely without any obstruction and also clear the body of toxins. This helps the mind to become calm and receptive for meditation.

Yoga can also assist you in weight loss and management. There are several asanas that increase fat metabolism. By doing these, fat is converted to muscle and energy. This means that apart from losing fat, you will have better muscle tone and higher vitality levels. Practicing asanas like vakrasana, chakki chalana and nauka sanchalana help you to fat that flab. Surya Namaskar is a complete practice in itself. The oxygen intake of the body cells is increased by deep breathing exercises. It also helps in burning fat cells.

Yoga is very beneficial if done on a regular basis. It has countless healing powers and health advantages. A few physical and mental benefits of yoga are highlighted below:

o It regulates blood pressure and blood flow. 
o It relieves back pain osteoporosis. 
o It prevents insomnia and asthma attacks. 
o It fights obesity and acidity. 
o It cures breathlessness. 
o It gives you a firm figure. 
o It helps women suffering from menstrual disorders. 
o It elevates body posture. 
o It is a natural anti-aging agent. 
o It keeps mood swings at bay. 
o It helps in doing meditation.

Practicing yoga tends to reduce anxious eating habits. When we are under some strain, we tend to gulp down our food without thinking what and how much we are eating. Always try to have food with a calm mind like saying a small prayer before meals will help. This way you are less likely to overeat. When you feel hungry between meals, try going for yoga rather than a snack. Apart from doing yoga make sure you indulge in some physical exercises like swimming, cycling, aerobics, or brisk walking.

There is so much stress these days that mental health disorders are on rise. This result in anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Asanas like Yoga Nidra, Antar Mouna, and Ajapa Japa help in curing and preventing mental disorders and can lead to a healthy lifestyle. Gradually, the mind becomes unburdened and positive thoughts start flowing in. This results in calmness of mind.

As a start, practicing yoga for thirty minutes will be quite beneficial. You can break it into two parts – 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before sleeping. Carry out yoga poses as a fun and not as a burden.