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Walking to Lose Weight – One Easy Way to Increase Calories Burned Walking

Walking is a great way to lose weight, tone up and de-stress. If you are fitness walking to get in shape or stay in shape there is one easy way you can increase calories burned walking. Simply lace up the right walking shoes! By carefully selecting your walking shoes you can enhance your health and make your walk more efficient.

Innovations in shoe features have resulted in shoes that are designed to work your body more efficiently. Just like a good raincoat repels water with no effort on your part, the best walking shoe will help you lose weight and increase calories burned walking with no additional effort on your part. Sound to good to be true? Well it’s not.

The technology works by putting your toes higher than your heels. This slant shifts the balance of your weight over your heels. As you move about you automatically stand straighter, your bottom becomes toned, your stomach muscles tighten, your legs and calves firm up. The longer muscle fibers in the feet connect to the ground for longer periods of time, so this helps you burn more calories as you go about your activities. Four times more calories.

These shoes also feature cushioning to bear the brunt of weight as you step. This supportive cushioning makes your steps more comfortable so you can walk longer if desired.

The shoes are made to be worn for all activities. If you are walking to lose weight and want to increase your calories burned walking they are perfect. But if you are just going about your daily activities they are a great choice also and they will help you burn fat four times faster.