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How To Have Healthy Bread Recipes With Bananas

Healthy bread recipes with bananas are gaining popularity these days among lovers of these tropical fruits. The good news about this is that they need not compromise their wellness while enjoying the sumptuousness of the baked goods of their dreams. If you are one of these fanatics, here are some baking ideas that can help you make tasty pastries from these healthful fruits.

Stay Away From Regular Flour

The regular flour commonly used in baking is unfriendly to those who are weight conscious. If you want batter that is low in carbohydrates and sugar content, use flour that is made from whole wheat. Sprouted grain is another option that you can make use of. Those who observe a protein-rich diet usually go for sprouted grain for their healthy banana recipes as it is rich in Lysine and several amino acids.

Use Alternative Sweeteners

Replacing white sugar with alternative or artificial sweeteners would greatly benefit not only those who have weight problems but also those who are enduring Diabetes. While banana bread may require a good amount of sugar to make it sweet and tasty, you can always give it a rich flavor without the use of ordinary sugar.

Use Skim Milk

Milk is an important ingredient in baking breads and pastries. Bakers usually opt for full cream ones without realizing that it can cause the unnecessary fats in our waist area. Make it a practice the to use low fat milk or skim milk When doing recipes with bananas. This type of milk is capable of adding that creamy taste minus the fats.

Now that you already know how to modify the ingredients needed in your banana bread recipe, here are two variations which you can try. Both of them can give you the nutrition that you need while enjoying a delectable pastry.

Banana Bread With Nuts – This is perfect for those who have a craving for crunchy breads. Along with the usual ingredients, you can add the nut of your choice in your batter. It could be pecans, almonds or walnuts. Once baked, you can also top your bread with nut shavings to make it even crunchier. Since nuts are rich in vitamin E and other essential acids and oils, you can expect it to help in the removal of toxins inside your body.

Banana Bread With Zucchini – This recipe drives vegetable lovers crazy. By dropping thin or small slices of zucchini into your batter, you can experience the interesting taste and texture of the veggie in your mouth while munching on your favorite bread. A nutritious fruit paired with a nutritious vegetable. What more can you ask for? Both of them are great suppliers of magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Pastries which include them are ideal for athletes who need to be in tough shape.