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Different types of pimples that affect the skin badly

Pimples and acne are of many types and you can observe most of the different types of acne on various skin types.  Depending on the sensitivity level of the skin, and the external as well as internal skin conditions, the pimples may be treated differently.

Apparently, the pimples can be categorized into three main types:

  • Pimples with a puss filled the top and cystic base
  • Small sized pimples with a redhead
  • Yellowhead pimples with a small base

Among the different types of acne the most commonly seen pimples in a pimple breakout are the ones with redheads and sometimes there are yellow head pimples causing puss on the upper layer of the skin.

It important to note that the redhead and small yellow head pimples are widespread and cause lots of itching and irritation on the skin. They form a cluster and affect a large area on the skin simultaneously. Due to that, the skin may get damages, develop dark areas and scars as well.

Such pimples, if treated carefully and quickly can be controlled and may be treated completely if the right treatment is given.

Whereas if the skin develops the pimples with the cystic base, they form the most painful form of acne that results in deep scars and is not easy to be faded out. This kind of acne and pimples take a lot of time sometimes a whole month to be lowered or faded out from the skin.

As compared to the other types of pimples the ones having a deep based leave a deeper scar because of the damaged skin cells and formation of dead cells under the skin.

In addition to these types of experts also identify different kinds of pimples based on their color and size and that helps in treating the pimples effectively.