Women’s Fitness For Better Health

The women who often feel the most remorse when taking time for personal health break are the ones who are employed outside the house. The guilt over helping the kids with homework or extending daycare for an additional 45 minutes each day vs. using that time to work out. We must admit there is a huge advantage for everyone when mom is healthy, has more energy and feels in shape. And there are ways to involve the children, the spouse and even your boss to work a fitness program into your day.

As women mature, fitness becomes more vital to remain healthy. Exercise can assist women to lower cholesterol and minimize body fat, help decrease the risk of stroke, cancer and heart attacks. Not to mention becoming physically stronger, trimmer, regulate periods, and improve overall well-being.

Prior to executing any fitness regimen, no matter how benign, it is always best to speak with your Doctor to be certain that your plans do not interfere with any current medical conditions, medications, and your plans coincide with your current level of fitness.

You will discover a significant number of women’s fitness programs that can include walking for fitness, yoga, swimming, and even weight lifting. Every program will have their benefits and possible problems as well. However, with the high value placed on health and wellness, it should be easy to find a solution to the problem.

For example, a walking program is extremely cost effective, simple, yet it can be physically challenging with an increase in intensity by walking up hills. You can also team up with other moms with children in strollers to make it more enjoyable. Pushing a stroller for 30 – 45 minutes can definitely be considered exercise. A great solution for inclement weather is to walk through the mall before the stores open for business. To stick with your plan of weight loss, it is important to avoid the hot pretzels and cinnabons while in the mall.

Another awesome program that can be done in the privacy of your own home is yoga and pilates. You can select the most convenient schedule and pop in the DVD without worrying about class schedules and start times at the local health club.

Many women have a fear of “bulking up”, but weight lifting should definitely be included in your current fitness program. The potential of getting huge muscles is slim because women normally do not have enough testosterone. Weight lifting is beneficial in helping avoid osteoporosis or advanced bone loss which can lead to fractures. Weight bearing exercises such as running and weight lifting decrease the risk of osteoporosis, but keep in mind, exercises such as swimming or rowing does not.

Women who take their health as a priority recognize that their healthy lifestyle leads to better performance at work, advance their careers, and take care of the entire family and the 100 or more things that are thrown at them each and every day!

Fitness programs for women are exploding country wide as the increased awareness from fitness professionals are addressing the fact that most women do not desire to go to a gym to work out. Experts also understand that women who do choose to go to the gym can also have added stress from working out in front of the opposite sex. Health clubs continue to be a forum that encourages men and women to socialize more. While women’s fitness programs are reaching out and answering the requests of today’s busy woman who has limited time to work out and get home to her family.