Fruit Snack Recipes For Your Breakfast

The most well known low carb diet without fat and cholesterol are fresh fruits. Fruits are excellent source of all vitamins, minerals, fibers, calcium and other essential nutrients that are needed to keep our body fit and healthy. Nowadays it is very important to add slice of any tropical fruit in your diet that is available. Potassium is an essential thing for our body which is needed to maintain muscle contractions and a healthy nervous system is found sufficient in fruits. Another essential mineral is iron which is needed for maintaining the delivery of oxygen throughout the body.

If you do not like to fresh fruit or become bore having fresh raw fruit in your diet then you can change your taste just by making great tasty recipes out of varieties of fruits. Just simply make a fruit muffin, it is very simple and easy to make. Cut apples, pineapples, oranges and grapes into small pieces and equal shape. Place them in a bowl and add boiling water into it. Drain it well then add it to two cups of flour. Add two eggs, some sugar and pineapple juice into it. Mix it very well so that no small lumps are formed and then bake it into a greased muffin tray at 180c for 30minutes. If you like want to have some spicy taste in your fruit then make a fruit kabab, just cut all fruits into pieces that are available in your kitchen and add some sugar, black pepper and lemon juice into it. In the kebab steak, simply slide all the fruit cubes and at one end put a slice of banana, similarly on the other end do the same. You can make time saving dishes also with fruits, fill a tray with apple juice and add a fruit slice or just a grape into it , then while taking your fruit juice in your breakfast add one cube of frozen apple cube into it and taste the difference.

But whatever it may be there is no alternative of taking fresh fruits. Now there is a great advantage we are now getting a huge type of fresh cut fruits online. Fruit bouquet is now available at online stores also which also serve as a very good gift item.