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Basic Kettlebell Exercises To Get You Started

Like any workout program there are a number of foundational exercises that you need to master. By mastering these basic movements you will find it much easier to progress to the more advanced kettlebell exercises. In addition through the mastering of the basic exercises you will ensure that you do not develop any bad habits both in form and technique.

The Swing

The swing is the first basic exercise and has many variations. There are three basic variations to the swing that provide a well rounded kettlebell workout routine.

  • Two-arm swing: Holding the kelleball with two hands when moving it is the most basic swing exercise.
  • One-arm swing: Similar to the two hand swing but these variation only requires one arm
  • Alternate swing: This is slightly more advanced than the previous two as it involves switching hand while the kettlebell is in the air.

None of these techniques are particularly difficult but they do provide a range of benefits on their own. By performing these techniques you will trim and strengthen your core and rear, build your cardiovascular endurance and most importantly of all, burn lots of fat!

The Turkish get-up

Although this is considered a basic exercise it is one of the most difficult techniques to master. The best approach when starting out is to break the move down into manageable steps. By practising and then mastering each one of these steps, you will then be able to pull them all together to perform the perfect Turkish get-up.

The Turkish get-up will teach you how to keep your shoulders sunk into their sockets which is an essential principal in all kettlebell exercises. Like the swing this exercise also provides a lot of benefits such as increasing shoulder mobility and developing shoulder and cores stability to name but a few.

The front squat, the clean and the military press

Once you have mastered the swing you will know how to move the kettlebell correctly and performing the squat, the clean and press become much simpler. The squat, the clean and the press all strengthen your core, slim your waist and your glutes, build cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and increase your overall mobility and flexibility.

The secret to a good kettlebell fitness regime is to continually challenge your body. Most kettlebell workouts contain the five basic exercises plus one or two intermediate or advanced techniques.

It’s worth noting if you are a young adult, a baby boomer or a senior you can benefit from a kettlebell routine but the main advice would be to use a lighter weight than the average person and make sure your work outs don’t last as long. It is also a great program to use if you are pregnant but check with your doctor to see if its okay for you to do the strength training during your pregnancy.

Kettlebells build your core strength so a good kettlebell workout will transfer completely and immediately to any sport, from track to football.