Five Great Reasons to Love Running

Benefits of Running

Running is one of the best exercises you can do for your body. It is very accessible, and the good news is it’s free. You just have to put your shoes on and hit the road. In running there are no instructions necessary. It is also an all-weather activity – you just have to learn how to run during adverse weather conditions by donning a little extra clothing for the cold and strip-off a layer for the heat.

Moreover, running has no age limit and it is good for every body type. What’s even more interesting is that with running, you are in control – of the distances you lug, the directions you take or even the duration of your runs. It also has the ability to adapt to your daily demands. Running makes you look good, feel good, think good and do good.

Look Good

One of the biggest reasons why people start running is because they want to stay in shape or because they are trying to reach an ideal body weight. Running is a very efficient way to burn calories and shed weight. A research in Dublin University reports that a 140-pound adult burns 391 calories for every 30-minute run. Compared to cycling and playing tennis, it helps reduce belly fat 40 percent faster.

An uphill run also increases the rate of burning calories by as much as 40 percent. Runners also have a more toned buttocks and thighs since it helps build muscle mass. The resting metabolism also increases which means even after running for half an hour, you could be burning more calories at rest. A significant difference to the way you look can be noted if running is combined with a healthy diet.

According to Kings College London researchers that studied identical twins, those who did the equivalent of three 30-minute jog every week were nine years ‘biologically’ younger. Even dermatologists agree that since running stimulates circulation, there is better transport of nutrients and flushing of bodily wastes. All of this leads to optimized collagen production, making skin clearer and facial features more distinct.

Feel Good

Health benefits of running are one great motivation for runners. On one count, running reduces risk of heart diseases by half. This is due to an enhanced cardiovascular system. During runs, the arteries expand and contract more than usual which makes it more elastic. It also maximizes the lungs’ capacity making them strong and powerful. The heart gets stronger from running. The stronger heart pumps blood more efficiently thus reducing the runner’s blood pressure.

Moreover, three 15-minute light jog a week can reduce the risk of osteoporosis by up to 40 percent. Runners have softer stools which are easier flushed out compared to couch potatoes since running decreases time for food to move through large intestine. Running also keeps the immune system active therefore the body is always ready to fight of infection.

Overall, running decreases the risk of death.

Think Good

Runner’s high is nothing to ridicule at. Some runners are motivated by this feeling of euphoria due to release of endorphins after lugging a certain distance. This pleasant state literally makes you happy and it counters stress. This is good for relaxing the mind, allowing you to focus on your goals during runs and reorganize your time. This is also especially great for insomniacs as studies show that it lessens the time for them to get to sleep after running 20 to 30 minutes daily.

Do Good

Not only is running beneficial to oneself, but it can also benefit others. There are fund-raising activities involving the sport. For example, the London Marathon every year raises money and puts it in the charitable trust fund for recreational projects. There are also marathons for the environmental causes. As a runner who admires great scenery and craves pure air, it is a time of giving back to Mother Earth.