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Torch Unwanted Fat With Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell Training has been growing in popularity of late. Once the training tool of Russian strongmen, soldiers and strength athletes, Kettlebells are now found in gyms all over the world. The chances are, there might be a set down in your local club right now. Maybe you’ve seen them and have been wondering, what the hell are those weird looking cannonballs with the handle on top? Well, if you ignore their unusual appearance for a second you will soon find out that the Kettlebell is, in my opinion, the single best weapon in your arsenal for bruning fat and getting stronger. Let me explain why.

1) Time-Efficient
Free time is at a premium, especially for any of you that have a family or are busy at work. With Kettlebells you do not need to spend countless working out to see the benefits. Fat loss, flexibility, cardio fitness and strength gain will all be maximised through Kettlebell training. How is this possible? Because the Kettlebell, when used correctly, will work many muscle groups simultaneously and the fast pace of the workout involved will get your heart rate through the roof.

2) Convenience
A Kettlebell is a complete gym in 1 piece of equipment. You can take it with you in the car, bring it out to the garden or take it to the local park. You don’t ever have to worry about not being near the gym or getting there before the doors shut. With the Kettlebell you can just roll out of bed, do a quick 10-20 minute workout in your home and then go about your business.

3) Improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength together
Kettlebell workouts are done at a high intensity. This works your muscles harder giving them less recovery time and forcing them into growth. Secondary to this, your lungs will burn as you tear through your Kettlebell routines at a blistering pace with short rest periods. The end result: in 20 minutes you’ll have completed an extreme strength, endurance and speed workout. You will burn 4 times as many calories as you would on a treadmill in the same amount of time.

4) Keep burnig fat after you stop.
This kind of workout raises your metabolic rate long after you finish. This means that your body will keep burning calories while you rest and recover.

Kettlebells have revolutionised the way I train, giving me gains in strength and fat loss that would have taken 4 times as long had I stuck to more conventional training methods. Give them a try yourself and I promise you won’t be disappointed.