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How Therapeutic Massage Helps During Pregnancy

Any person who has been through pregnancy knows that any form of body stretching is quite painful as the pregnant person is carrying a living being within her. And though it takes 9 months to produce a little bundle of joy, this period is quite an experience.

Pregnancy massage can help get rid of pains and reduce stress during pregnancy. Muscle cramps, spasms and pains can all be done away with after a sound pregnancy massage. Massage also increases blood and lymph circulation, which goes on to reduce swellings that are experienced during pregnancy. Aside from that, it also relieves the stress that a pregnant woman feels on her weight-bearing joints – the knees and the hips. And did you know that massage can also alleviate labor pains by strengthening the muscles that are stressed out to the maximum during labor? Of course, it also improves skin flexibility and makes the tissues supple. All this goes on to make the emotional job of the mother-in-law a lot easier.

Before a pregnant woman chooses a therapeutic massage therapist, she must investigate his credentials and check to see if the massage therapist is licensed and a “pregnancy massage” expert as well. Pregnancy massage is a specialized branch and needs some kind of special training, because the pregnancy massage must be safe – there is no margin for error and no ordinary massage therapist will do when it comes to pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy massage differs from a regular massage in many ways. The massage therapist must know all about how the body functions during pregnancy and how pregnancy causes structural imbalances. A woman who is pregnant will lie in a different pose altogether as compared to a non-pregnant woman while receiving this massage. If the correct positions are not followed, then pregnancy massage can even harm the pregnant woman and her baby. Needless to say, that there are certain parts of the pregnant woman’s body that must not be massaged.

Pregnant women, while receiving pregnancy massage, must always be in a semi-reclining position because it is considered safe for the child and comfortable for the mother. Props such as body pillows and pads must be put to use when the body position needs switching. These props provide a great degree of comfort during the massage. The table used for pregnancy massage must be a simple piece and fancy tables having holes in them must be avoided. If the pregnant woman is allergic to scents, she must tell the therapist to light any candles or spray any perfume. Light music must be played as enhances the experience of pregnancy massage.

The level of undress is a matter of personal choice and is best left between the pregnant woman and the massage therapist to decide. Some pregnant women prefer to undress fully, some prefer to wear lingerie and some prefer to be covered by sheets – it’s a matter of personal choice. The pregnancy massage must be gentle and must not make the pregnant woman uncomfortable in any manner.

The period of pregnancy is fraught with a lot of emotional and physical anxieties and therapeutic massage during pregnancy can relieve all the stress and make the pregnant woman ready for the wonderful event – the birth of the child!