Beginner Abs Work Out Program

There are many machines available that provide abs work out exercises. These machines, such as treadmills and rowing machines, are available in gyms and for homes. In addition, there are innumerable exercise videos that promise blazing six packs and awesome abs in a few days and with little effort. But we are going to stick with an easy abs work out for individuals who may not want to add machinery to their homes and don’t want to go to a gym.

Deciding to participate in an abs work out program is the most important part of a successful program. When people decide to do something and are committed they usually are motivated to succeed. Creating a schedule that includes thirty minutes a day to exercise also will help to ensure success.

Keeping track of success is important for a beginner to exercise. Many times the changes in a person’s body are small and go unnoticed very easily so it is important that time be set aside regularly to evaluate how well the abs work out program is working and what adjustments might need to be made to make it work better.

It is important to stretch before exercising. When first beginning to do an abs work out a person can easily pull muscles. By stretching before exercising this risk is cut considerably. In addition, for an abs work out to be effective the cardio must be increased. Stretching exercises will accomplish this and make exercising more efficient. An abs work out should be a 30-minute exercise period. It may be shorter if a person is just starting but 30-minutes is plenty of time to focus on one area of the body when exercising.

The following exercises are done on the floor and are very simple starter exercises. You will find an abundance of abs workout exercises on the Internet that you may want to add as you get more limber and use to exercising.

The first abs work out exercise is to get on the floor in a crawling stance, keep looking at the wall in front of you. Make sure that the knees and wrists are in alignment. Curl the back up while tightening the abdominal muscles. Hold for a count of ten, release then repeat for five more counts. This is a simple exercise and great way to start.

A mini sit-up is the next exercise in the beginning abs work out. Lying flat on back with knees bent and fingers touching shoulders perform a mini sit up while tightening the stomach muscles as you roll up to touch your knees with your elbows. Hold in position for a count of 5 then lay flat take a breath and repeat. This exercise will also strengthen the back muscles and tighten the gluts.

Again, lying flat on back prop hips up with hands and pretend to ride a bicycle while holding the stomach tight. Start slow and when the hips are released straighten the legs and hold arms above head as straight as possible. This exercise removes pressure from the back, strengthens the legs, and tightens the abdominal muscles.