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Cardio Exercises – Check Your Heart Rate

“Walk a mile before you sleep “, it’s a very popular quote about our health. In order to have the stylish look and immunized body, we have to do the exercise regularly. Cardio exercise helps to protect your body from heart arrest, stroke, high Bp, diabetes, obesity, back pain, etc., lets see about the cardio exercise in detail.


Main objective of doing the cardio exercise is to have the ideal heat beat rate from the heart. Let’s see how to test our heart rate.

1. Place your thumb on the underside of the wrist hand, to locate your pulse position. 2. Then count the heart beats for fifteen seconds and multiply that number by four. 3. That gives the heart beat rate. 4. To know our ideal target heart rate, subtract our age from two hundred and twenty.

It’s easy to achieve the targeted rate by means of doing the cardio exercise regularly. There are several cardio exercises such as running, swimming, cycling and rope -jumping, and elliptical machine exercise etc.


Walking is one of the best cardio exercises and will easily fits well into most people lifestyle habits. It can be do by anyone at any age. Initially start your walking speed at the medium pace and gradually increase up. Then end up the exercise by walking briskly, so we can achieve our ideal targeted rate. Try to walk in the slightly climbing areas, which will help us to increase our heart rate.


Bicycling exercise is very similar to the walking exercise; just we have to practice it with the bicycle. During bicycling, we always feel jolliness so we ever get bored. Find the slope area and do the bicycling, so that we can improve our resistance level and increase our heart rate. Benefits of doing this exercise- it will build our strength and agility.


As we are practice this exercise on the water, its make easy on the body joints. During swimming, water supports our body and its act as natural resistance. During each swimming lap, encounter different strokes to vary the muscles you work. It is good for the cardiovascular fitness .It will also increase our heart rate quickly than any other exercises.


An elliptical machine is a stationary machine used to stimulate walking or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints. During practicing in elliptical machine, we feel natural body movements as similar as jogging in the road. It creates a safe workout, since it reduces the stress level and impact on our muscles and joints.

Duration of any cardio vascular fitness exercise:

1. Minimum time period: 20 minutes 2. Maximum time period: 60 minutes/1 hour

During exercise, check our heart rate and then compare with our ideal targeted heart rate. In order to achieve the ideal targeted heart rate, increase/decrease our resistance or speed.

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