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Fitness Motivation: 10 Fitness Ideas That Will Keep You Going

There is no reason for you to fear, but I will share with you 10 ideas that will help you get motivated to start you New Year’s resolution now. These 10 ideas will help you create an action plan that will help you keep that motivation going.

1) Dedication: Dedication is the most excellent way to keep that fire burning in your heart. It is a surefire way for you to stick to you action plan. Believing in yourself and exercising faith is one way of telling yourself that you can accomplish anything, no matter how impossible the task may seem.

a) You can do this by building up your self-confidence. The doers are the type of people that like to keep going until, what they have started is completed. Without having that self-confidence, you are setting yourself up for failure once you have started a project or program. In fitness, you will have a hard time completing a fitness program because you still have room in your mind for doubt to sneak in and ruin everything.

2) Support: Exercising, without a support group, will lead to failure. If you set out to exercise by yourself and all of a sudden, your spouse calls out to you because they want you to run and errand for them in town or a friend calls you right in the middle of a workout and they want you to come and hang out with them. This can ruin everything for you. Organize a support group, not only for encouragement and goal setting, but also, they will know that you are working at a certain and day.

3) Positive Attitude: Starting a workout with a negative attitude will greatly affect your workout performance. Having a positive attitude will send you enthusiasm soaring through the roof and will keep you on the right track as you fulfill your fitness goals. Whenever you face the temptation of quitting your workout early or you decide to skip a day, remember that ultimate body you will obtain once you finish your workout.

4) Establish a weekly report at the end of a 7 day period to see how you are coming along in obtaining your goals. During this session, find out your weaknesses and see how you can turn them into strengths. Before you wrap up your report, write down new fitness goals for the coming week. Write down what foods that you are going to eat throughout the week. This will help you stay on course.

5) Organization: On your fitness plan, if you have listed that you want to go and workout at a gym, have everything set out the night before so that you do not become frustrated if you lost something.

6) Motivation will keep you going. This one can be tricky as most people tend to justify themselves with rewards that will lead them of the beaten path. Find certain motivations, intrinsically or extrinsic, that will keep you passionate about physical fitness.

7) The reward system: During your weekly report session, find out which goals you have accomplished and reward yourself for accomplishing such a feat. Here are a few ideas of how you can reward yourself: Go to a movie, buy clothing and other accessories.

8) Find a hero: This can be a famous person, friends or family members, so as long as they have the same zest you have.

9) Knowledge is not just for the education system. Yes, you can apply it to your fitness plan so that you can fill your mind with all sorts of exercise programs that will meet your needs and choosing the right type of diets.

10) Don’t become monotonous in your exercise routines. Change it up a little bit. One of the most exciting adventures that my family has embarked on is that we competed in the Wasatch Back Ragnar Race 2014. It was one of the most challenging fitness events that I have ever participated in. The same goes with you, the readers, if you expect results, do something different than sticking with just one exercise.