Vitamins And Supplements For Men

How many men do you know that take a daily vitamin supplement? Women have been either better educated or promoted to in this department. Most women know they should take a daily vitamin plus calcium for bone health. If a women is pregnant she may also take a prenatal supplement for her babies health. Even young children are often given vitamins and or fluoride supplements for their growing bodies and their teeth. Men however, are not often advised to take vitamins, although they would benefit as much as any other individual young or old, male or female.

Depending on a man’s age, levels of daily exercise, eating habits, smoker or non-smoker, sleep habits, alcohol consumption and general lifestyle he may need to take either a multi vitamin formulated just for men or a combination of several different supplements. Some commonly recommended vitamins to maintain a man’s health are:

  • Multivitamin or multimineral for men
  • Calcium and magnesium supplement
  • Omega 3 supplement – to prevent heart disease
  • Vitamin C – helps prostate disease
  • B complex vitamin
  • Vitamin E – for circulation
  • Probiotics – nutritional supplements that contain bacteria like lactobacilli that are similar to the normally friendly bacteria that populate the human intestine. They are beneficial for people with digestive tract disorders, yeast infections, and systemic candida.

Some men also benefit from a Male Sex Supplement. In addition to the obvious help with ED or diminished libido, a male sex pill can also boost stamina, alertness and energy levels. These types of supplements may also help a man with low testosterone levels maintain strong muscles and bones, and increase his sex drive. While these pills do not permanently increase penis size they do promote penile blood flow which will support firmer, stronger, fuller-feeling erections.