Successful Yoga At Home

Yoga has unbelievable benefits on your body and soul. If you wish to practice yoga at home, here are some tips to make your at-home yoga workout effective and successful.

Buy an At-Home Yoga DVD

Yoga DVDs are the perfect guide for your at-home yoga workout. The visual explanation makes learning easy and effective. You may play or pause the DVD in order to perfect your posture. It is a good idea to learn from the yoga DVDs which are designed by professional trainers.

Comfortable Clothing and a Good Mat

Even while practicing yoga at home, use a mat that adds padding when you are lying, sitting or kneeling. Carpet can be too harsh or not provide enough grip. Select a mat which does not slip. Comfortable clothing will make your postures and stretches comfortable. Since you are in your own home, you could practice in your pajamas! It is also good to practice yoga barefoot.


During your at-home yoga workout, make sure your breathing is correct. Correct breathing important for your yoga to be effective. But any decent yoga DVD should be reminding you of this just as a live yoga teacher would.

Never Strain

While doing yoga exercises at home, focus on perfecting each pose. But understaqnd that complete mastery make take weeks or months or even years! Be patient. Make sure you don’t strain or over stretch to increase your flexibility or strength.

Do Your Yoga Routine First Thing in the Morning

If practicing at home, it is wise to do yoga first thing in the morning. This way you will stretch your muscles and also ensure proper mental and physical state for the entire day.

Avoid Eating Before an At-Home Yoga Session

Drink sufficient water before starting and avoid eating for two hours before you begin your yoga exercises. You are generally allowed to eat within 20-30 minutes after your yoga session.

Avoid Drinking Water During Yoga Practice

You must avoid taking water breaks during the yoga sessions as your concentration may break and you may feel nauseous. You may drink water directly afterwards.

DO NOT Fast Forward or Skip Ahead Through Your Home Yoga DVD

Do the exercises in the correct order, given by your yoga DVD. The DVD, like any regular yoga class, is designed to first warm your body up and later wind you down properly while focusing on different muscle groups, usually in a specific sequence. Many yoga DVDs offer options for short and extended routines.