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Fitness Running – 3 Ways to Record How Many Miles You Have Run

If you are training for a marathon or any long distance race you will have to record the amount of mileage that you have covered to ensure you are reaching the required levels.

There are a number of ways that you can measure the amount of miles that you have run. The following or three ways that you can do this:


These are tiny devices that you can attach to your shoes or waist. The pedometer measures the number of strides that you make. It can record this by the force that your foot creates every time it makes contact with the surface. With certain models you can position it to the length of your stride. In this way the pedometer multiplies how many times your feet touch the surface by the length of your stride and then works out for you the amount of miles that you have run.

Although very handy and convenient the calculation of total miles travelled may not be all that accurate due to the difficulty of ascertaining an accurate stride length. During a run your length of stride changes so using a fixed measurement will not provide an accurate result. Therefore, you may have to run less or more than you think you have. However, with the speed of technology these day new products that use the GPS and satellite technology will provide far more accurate readings.

Measuring wheel

This has a vertical handle with a small wheel attached to the bottom. It is not the most sophisticated device to measure your mileage but it can get the job done. It is not the most convenient or fashionable thing to do as you will have to push it along with you on your route. It either records the amount of feet or meters that have been covered. Although awkward to use you will only have to use it once. If you have alternative routes then use the wheel once to measure and record the mileage for each. When each of your routes is measured you do not have to use it again.


For a more convenient way of measuring your mileage compared to a measuring wheel is the odometer in your car. All you have to do is drive your car along the route or routes that you run. If you run off road then this will not work. Bear in mind that the odometer is not that particularly accurate so, allow for a quarter of a mile off for each mile.