Best Diet and Fitness Program

Have you had any success with your diet and fitness programs in the past? Would you like to? Well, the reason you probably haven’t had any success in the past is because your efforts were misdirected. Let me tell you why you have failed in the past and then give you the best diet and fitness program.

Let’s start with the first misdirected effort. Diets. Diets don’t work because they are a short term solution to a long term situation called nutrition. It is better for you to fundamentally change the way you eat. Odds are you eat a lot of manufactured food products. These man-made foods actually have ingredients that cause us to get fat. High Fructose Corn Syrup replaced sucrose as the sweetener of choice because it was cheaper. The problem is that it converts to fat faster than sucrose. My wife lost 25 pounds in a year just by eliminating soft drinks with HFCS. If you avoid processed foods and start eating more natural foods like vegetables and fruit, lean beef, chicken and fish you will be better off.

Your next misdirected effort is probably doing sit ups and other stomach exercises to burn belly fat. Even if you could spot reduce fat on your belly sit ups don’t generate nearly enough calories. It takes 3,500 calories to burn a single pound of fat. Even if you spent an hour on the treadmill you’d only burn about 500 calories. This leads us to our last misdirected effort. Cardio exercises are not the best way to lose fat it’s weight lifting.

This is because weight lifting builds muscle and the more muscle your body has the more fat you will burn. But, the exercises you choose are very important.