Exposed Myths of Cardio Training

Don’t Be Fooled By Cardiovascular Misconceptions

Many people fall victim to the myths and misconceptions that revolve around cardio training. Countless wasted hours of exercise have been needlessly spent because people did not understand the facts, and beginners quickly became frustrated and gave up. Cardio training does not have to be confusing, as long as the facts are made crystal clear. Do not waste another moment exercising incorrectly, when the truth about cardio fitness is readily available.

Targeted Cardio Training

Focused cardio training efforts have been believed to burn fat in the target area. Sit-ups are supposed to remove stomach fat, while leg lifts are rumored to reduce cellulite on the thighs. This myth relies on the assumption that fat cells can turn into muscle, which does not happen. Cardio training eliminates fat, and strength training builds muscle.

Cardio exercise affects the entire body. As the body’s heart rate increases, the body depletes the existing energy found in the bloodstream, and uses energy reserves in the fat cells for additional fuel. The body draws on all of the fat cells evenly, and does not consider what area of the body is being exercised. While targeting specific areas of the body will build muscle, cardio training will not exclusively burn fat from a specific area.

Cardio Training – Low Intensity Over Time

Known best as “no pain, no gain,” cardio exercise does not take endless hours, seven days a week, to get results. High intensity intervals can be interspersed throughout a cardio exercise routine to burn fat quickly in a short amount of time. When exercising at a steady rate, increase the intensity of the workout for about 30 seconds at a time to make the body work harder and burn more calories. Metabolism greatly increases after interval cardio training, which burns additional calories throughout the day. Even after the exercise is over, the body still benefits.

Uncontrollable Muscle Buildup

While many people want better muscles, they often fear that their muscles will grow so large that they appear to be a seasoned body builder. Normal cardio training exercises will not cause immediate increases of muscle mass. An intense strength and cardio training routine combined with specific dietary requirements is required for chiseled muscles, and takes years of constant maintenance.

Cardio exercise complements strength training, increasing endurance, stamina, and physical fitness. It also targets fat cells throughout the body, increasing the apparent definition and tone of muscles. However, most people will have no reason to fear large muscles from a combined strength and cardio training routine.

Get The Facts About Cardio Training

Cardio exercise myths have caused many beginners to stumble on their path to health and fitness. Misconceptions about exercise can cause disappointment and fear, setting novice exercisers up to fail before they begin. Remove the hurdles to weight loss success with the truth about cardio fitness, for better health and fitness.