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Effectively Exercising With a Treadmill

When it comes to exercising, one of the main pieces of equipment people will turn to is the treadmill. This is one of the most effective exercise equipments to help you burn fat but are you using it correctly? This article will show how to get the most out of your treadmill so you can get the exercise you need without spending hours in the gym.

One of the misconceptions that people have is that the longer you exercise, the better it is for you. The reality is that the longer your workout sessions are, the less effective it will become. This is good news of course because it means that you don’t have to spend a whole lot of time in the gym and can use that time to do other things. So how do you get the best out of your workout? You do this by being efficient. So here’s what you want to do.

You will first want to buy a heart rate monitor and then figure out what is your optimal heart rate level. You can figure this out by finding the formula online. Once you find out what your optimal hear rate level is, you will basically use the treadmill to get up to that level and stay there for 30 – 45 minutes. Once you have achieved that, you can cool down, stretch out, and be done with your exercise.

Even if you are lifting weights, the law of diminishing returns still takes place. It’s not about how long your workout, it’s about how efficiently you can workout. This will make working out a lot more enjoyable because you won’t have to dread it so much since the amount you spend in the gym doesn’t have to be as long as most people think.