Running and Fitness

Running is a popular way to get fit. It requires next to no equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere, from a crowded metropolis to a countryside field. Running is a great way to keep fit and healthy because it is a cardiovascular activity, in the sense that it gets the blood flowing around your body and your heart healthy.

To go running all you need is a pair of running shoes or sneakers. The best places to run are in wooded or countryside areas to really take advantage of the peace and quiet that these afford, but if you don’t have this where you live, don’t let that put you off. Many cities have parks and open spaces that are perfect for running and other exercise. Use these and take advantage of them.

Running makes you feel great because it causes the blood to pump around your body and in doing so release endorphins which is often referred to as the “runners high”. This is a feeling of euphoria which is in even better given the energy you’ve expended.

There are a number of different types of running that you can do. Short distance running is best if you want to expend a lot of energy quickly and push your body over a short distance. This will involve sprinting to maximise the benefits. The alternative is long distance running which is what marathon runners do. This involves maintaining a steady, strong pace over a larger distance to maximise the benefits of this type of activity.

What is known is the more running you do, the fitter you get and the easier it becomes to cover this ground. However, you must go regularly to build this fitness and over time, in just a matter of weeks you will feel the difference, not only in your energy, but also your weight.

Go on – give it a try!