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The Amazing Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Looking for an effective method to lose love handles and get rid of belly fat? Would you like to change your workout routine? Are you getting tired of weight training and boring cardio? If so, then kettlebell training might be just what you need. It’s a dynamic way to get an amazing workout in a short time.

Cardio + Resistance Training Combined!

This is an excellent way to lose love handles. When training with kettlebells, you get the unique chance to combine resistance training with high-intensity cardio exercise. Kettlebell training is different from most other types of training. Because so many major muscles need to move together to accomplish one kettlebell exercise, the body has to expend even more energy. The results is that more calories are needed to supply the energy for that particular movement. In addition to burning calories, the complex movements of a kettlebell exercise allow your muscles to strengthen and develop dynamically. Large muscles like your quads, hamstrings, glutes and delts become stronger simultaneously. Training with kettlebells is among those few routines that can combine cardio and weight training into one.

Benefits for any body-type (Fat or Skinny):

Male or Female, it makes no difference; kettlebells are great for women and men, skinny or fat. If you are trying to lose weight, kettlebell exercises will burn off those unwanted, excess calories very quickly! Your fat loss will definitely be taken to a whole new level! If you are trying to add some muscle to your frame, the many muscles involved in a single kettlebell movement will help you increase your muscular endurance and build muscle at the same time. Whether you’re overweight or skinny, a regular kettlebell programme will allow either body type to reach that desired middle ground – a toned, proportionate and lean physique. As a seasoned trainer, I can assure you that every single person who has gone through a kettlebell routine has seen and felt it’s tremendous effect.

Handle daily tasks with ease:

Kettlebell exercises are compound movements and most kettlebell routines work the main muscles and joints in your body. In traditional weight training, you are not actually performing real life movements (how many times are you going to lay on your back and lift a weight up from your chest?). Kettlebell training involves many muscle groups moving simultaneously to complete a task. So a kettlebell routine will actually have a bigger impact on your daily life because the exercises simulate real-life motions. This is also referred to as “functional training”. Therefore you want to train your body in movement patterns that are natural. This will increase your muscular development and symmetry overall.

More Muscle Working = More Calories Burning:

Exercising with kettlebells has an advantage over regular dumbbells because the kettlebell movements are more dynamic and need more muscles to work together to accomplish the exercise. Basically every kettlebell routine involves simultaneous lower and upper body movements. The result? More moving muscle = more burning calories + more muscles getting stronger. Burning so many calories during your workout is an effective way to get rid of love handles and lose belly fat. The strength gains that you make from training with kettlebells is incredible.