6 Ways to a Better Cardio Program

Don’t Overdo It:Getting burned out or sitting at home recuperating from an injury will, more likely than not, undermine your desire to continue with your program. Unless you’re an athlete you shouldn’t have to work out more than four to five days a week. A healthy, well balanced portion controlled diet should fill in the gaps for the days you spend away from the gym. Overworking your body could end up hurting your fitness goals as opposed to helping you reach and maintain them.

Exercise in Groups:Don’t underestimate the power of cardio in a group environment. I see people at cardio classes in my gym go non-stop for nearly an hour on some days. The music’s blasting and everyone’s doing their thing and breaking a sweat. No one likes to be the one in the group who slows down or stops. Find the right group routine for you current fitness level and mix it in with your cardio regimen.

Do What You Enjoy: This is one of the most important factors. No one wants to be stuck doing something they think is boring and with cardio the same applies. If you like to bike then try and spend at least 60% of your cardio routine biking and if possible plan a route with a sufficient number of flat and hilly tracks. It’s always a good idea to mix in other types of cardio but having that one thing that you enjoy to look forward to will motivate you to stick with the plan.

Get your partner or spouse involved: Find a form of cardio that you and your partner both like and then go out there and have fun with it. For some people this might be swimming, tennis, mountain biking, or a simple jog around the neighbourhood. Regardless of the type of cardio work out you choose you get to spend time together and motivate each other.

Set Realistic Goals – If you started a cardio program, chances are you did so because you understand the benefits for successful weight loss and your overall health. Continuously challenging yourself can be tough with cardio but it’s not an impossible. Set realistic goals but don’t forget to ge4t out of your comfort zone now and then. Be proud of your accomplishments.

Get a Trainer -If you’re just beginning your cardio routine and you’re having trouble getting into the swing of things, perhaps a trainer might be and option for you. At least until you get a gist of how to go about your cardio routine. Having a professional trainer show you the ropes will be a little more expensive but more likely than not a worthwhile investment. If you don’t have the extra cash for a trainer try and utilize someone you know who leads an active lifestyle that involves cardio.