Strength Fitness Training

When it comes to training your body whether it be for strength, endurance, a specific sport or purpose, there are many styles of working out that can be applied. One important thing to remember when training is to be consistent; if you keep at it you will improve beyond your wildest dreams. Whether your goals are to get bigger, stronger, or faster, you can’t quit, never quit, and you will succeed.

In this article, I would like to cover three types of training that you can incorporate into your workout plans. In addition, I will discuss their purpose, benefits, and what they can be used to accomplish. The three forms of training that I will now discuss are high intensity interval training, endurance weight training, and strength circuit training.

High Intensity Interval Training: This type of training also known as hiit can be very effective in strengthening your heart, burning fat, strengthening lungs, improving muscle tone, and increasing muscle endurance. How this method of training works is quite simple, you perform an exercise at a rapid rate in a short period of time, then take a break by doing another exercise or the same at a much slower rate for a short period of time. The goal is to run through the exercise at high and low intensities with no breaks throughout the course of the workout. An example of this type of training:

  1. Sprint 45 seconds
  2. Walk 30 Seconds

Repeat 8 Times.

This type of training will get you into excellent shape and can be applied to weight training as well.

Endurance Weight Training: When training for fitness some people focus on muscle tone, size, and other forms of goals. For those looking to be able to use their muscles and not feel fatigue, such as repeatedly carrying objects, moving around a lot, and just being able to do things repeatedly without feeling tired, endurance weight training may be up your alley.

When lifting weights simply focus on higher reps and volume, what this means is do 12 reps to 15 reps per set and make sure the weight is heavy enough so you feel the fatigue and burn. Overtime the weights will become easier and you will be able to increase the weight. In turn, everyday tasks will become much easier to perform without feeling the slightest resistance from your muscles. It is quite enjoyable to say the least.

Strength Circuit Training: When trying to build strength, endurance, and cardiovascular power, perhaps for sports, such as MMA or Football, strength circuit training can be your friend. This type of training focuses on performing exercise after exercise with no breaks until you reach the end of a circuit. An example of this type of training is as followed:

Perform Exercise 1: Pull Ups – 10x, Perform Exercise 2: Dips – 10x, Perform Exercise 3: Squats – 10x, Perform Exercise 4: Shoulder Press – 10x, Take a Break, Then Repeat.