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Running Tips – Getting Started With Running Training

If you are new to running, one of the first challenges is to figure out where you can run. Here’s some running tips to help get you started.

Look at a map of your local area, and see what there is in the way of green spaces, such as parks. There are often footpaths alongside rivers and canals. If you know a nearby cycling shop, you may be able to buy a map that shows cycling routes, which are often suitable for running.

There may be running routes for your area on the internet (for example, the Serpentine website – serpentine.org.uk – has suggested routes in the London area in the UK). There may also be a book with routes for running or walking near you.

Best of all, members of your local running club will know running routes in your area.

How to measure the distances of your routes:

  • if the route is on roads, you may be able to drive a car round them and use the car’s distance meter;
  • if you have a bike with a cycling computer, you can use this to measure the distance
  • use a map, and either a roller-wheel (which you can buy in a good map shop), which you roll along the route on the map to measure the distance, or a piece of string;
  • use an electronic map from the internet, and software such as AccuRoute which measures the distance between points on a map
  • use a modern pedometer, which measures your distance accurately.

Running training to and from work

One way to introduce running into a busy life is to run to or from work, or even both. Whether this works for you depends on the distance, and whether you have facilities at work for showering and changing. Some runners keep a selection of clean clothes in the office, which they take in once a week on their rest day, taking home the week’s dirty clothes.

Many runners find this is the best way to fit running into their day. Often it does not take any more time than traveling on public transport or driving. If you have a long journey, you may find that you can to or from the railway station or bus stop that is one stop further away from your home.