The Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Often fatal when not detected at an early stage, breast cancer is the most common disease that women, of all ages, especially younger ones, fall prey to. Caused due to growth of cancerous cells, the disease is seriously harmful for women. In fact, it is detrimental to such an extent that in severe conditions women are forced to undergo a surgery called mastectomy. This procedure removes the breast, affected with the cancerous growth, in order to prevent the disease from spreading. This is not only a painful but also a traumatic experience for them.

Heterogeneous in nature, the illness spreads in every individual- depending on their age group and other factors- in a different manner. Hence it is very difficult to predict how, and to what degree the cancer will take effect. It is therefore very important that young women are aware of the signs that signify possible breast cancer and undergo regular breast self-examination, in order to detect even the slightest symptoms. This is especially the case because, in cases of early detection there is full chance of complete cure.

Thus, every three to six months, checking for any kind of lumps in the breast should be undertaken at home, along with frequent check ups (at least once in every six months) with the doctor.

What you are looking for during Breast Self-Examination:

The first sign of possible breast cancer is sudden visible change in the shape or feel of your breasts. If your nipples seem abnormally tender, displaying reddishness or puffiness or if they have a tendency towards dimpling inwards, it should not be ignored. Also, look out if there is any lump formation in your breasts. Other than these, if your nipples appear either scaly or emit either clear or bloody discharge often accompanied by pain, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Moreover if there are observable lumps or swelling in and around the region of your breast and armpit, or there is some kind of rash on the breast, then also there might be cause for worry.
These symptoms do not state that you definitely have breast cancer, but merely that you might have a possibility of having it. So checking for these symptoms would be a definite way of detecting early signs of breast cancer. And since early detection is the only sure way of combating this dreaded disease, women should always be alert to changes in their own body.

Keep in mind that the best way to cure this dreadful ailment is its early detection.Thus, if you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms in yourself, don’t neglect them and seek medical advice at once.