A Morning Run Can Do Wonders

For anyone to be fit, running is one of the most recommended methods to be followed. The oxygen content in the atmosphere will be very high in the early hours of the day. Thus running in the early hours of the morning is greatly beneficial to the person’s body. Once started, the person should continue to do the activity on all the days, except on the days when the person is not feeling well or is injured.

But Most of the people start with great enthusiasm and then after some days the interest goes down and the person slowly stops running. In order to sustain the interest in early morning jogging, the person has to follow some guidelines. One of the first things to take care is the preparation for jogging in terms of keeping ready all the accessories needed for jogging.

One can try to arrange the shoes and other accessories needed for jogging the previous night itself, so that the person starts jogging without wasting any time in searching for the needed items the morning. The next thing the person should take care is with regards to the jogging schedule and route. The person has to be very clear with respect to the route to be followed for jogging and the time to be spent on jogging.

This frees up he person’s mind from any confusion during the jogging period. Person’s interests also will not come down by planning properly. By getting up early in the morning, one should feel fresh before starting jogging and should not feel tired and exhausted. Running with a tired body and mind will further weaken the mind and body. A good night sleep is absolutely essential to wake fresh in the morning. Going to bed early the previous night is

one way of ensuring this. It is also good to drink sufficient water after 7 to 8 hours of sleep. If one crosses the initial period in jogging by properly following some tips mentioned here, then the person will be able to sustain the interest and continue to do the early morning jog.

Thus the first 3 weeks is absolutely crucial for the person and in this period, the person should constantly involve in self motivation in order to sustain the interest and enthusiasm levels. Once the person crosses those 3 weeks without any interruptions, then there are very good chances the person will continue to jog with enthusiasm.