Home Health Care Services

Home Health Care Services are also commonly referred to as in-home care, domiciliary care and social care. It is the type of care provided within your own home. The caregivers are licensed professionals from the health field who are experts in providing medical treatments and ensure daily activities without any interruption. The home health care services are specifically formal care services and are distinguishable from private-duty care, non-medical care and custodial care, thus the assistance is provided by the people who are not medical personnel or nurses and doctors.

Home health care services aim to provide help to pediatric, adult and senior clients who are either recovering from a hospital stay or need support to be safe at their homes to prevent unnecessary hospitalization. There are various home health care services available such as short-term nursing, therapy, rehabilitation and home health care assistance. The people who provide these assistances are physical therapists, medical social workers, registered nurses, occupational therapists, practical licensed nurses, home health aides and speech language pathologists. Their help extends to a period of one hour.

The assistants help the individuals in the routine tasks like bathing, eating, cleaning of the house and cooking meals. They provide the necessary support for the people who are otherwise alone. This helps the clients to stay within their home comfortably and not spend extra for hospitals and facilities. These centers are usually funded by government or insurance companies.

Senior Home Care Center:

Senior home care services are directed for the assistance of elderly within the ease of their own homes and helping through their day to day tasks. There are many senior home care centers. The caregivers who work for the seniors benefits are home assistants who are well trained but non-medical. Their expertise covers the entire essentials to help your loved one in their daily activities.

Physical Therapy: The caregivers and professionals of Senior Home Care are well trained to provide physical therapy in the comfort of your own home. The seniors may not be well enough hto travel to the hospitals so the trainers can help the min therapeutic exercises, adaptive equipment training, home safety training, gait training, gross motor therapy, daily activities training, energy conservation ntraining etc.

Certified nursing assistants: The nurses are skilled in assessment and observation and can perform various tasks such as catheter care, enteral feeding, wound care, intravenous therapy, injections, medication management, dressing change, ostomy care, bladder and bowel training, parenteral nutrition, blood draws etc. These nurses take care of your loved ones for as long as you want. Their services extend from one hour nursing, 4 hours nursing and 24 hours nursing.


The benefits of these senior home care centers are immense. The caregivers are highly professional and better trained in handling the critical situations that can arise suddenly. The seniors need a loving and caring person who would assist them in their daily work without questions and troubles. These trained personals are extremely compassionate and they provide the emotional strength to the elderly which also helps in their health. The care giving staff helps the seniors maintain a better lifestyle which they are familiar with. They help sustain the momentum and do not let the seniors drown in depression therefore, improving their quality of life.