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Play Better Golf With Fitness Strength Training

Did you know that regular fitness strength training can improve your golf? Playing better golf often simply means enjoying the game free from injuries. Would you like to know how to improve your golf? The secret is regular Fitness Strength Training.

When you’re fit and flexible you can play better Golf and enjoy the game free from injuries. Do you know that regular Fitness Strength Training can improve your Golf? Fitness and flexibility can prevent injuries and that can make all the difference.

Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than not being able to get the ball as far as you used to because you’re just not as flexible anymore. And of course as your distance decreases your score usually goes south. The question than is “how do you develop your strength as well as your flexibility”?

The answer is Fitness Strength Training that focuses as much on stretching for improved flexibility as on exercises for strength training.

There is a large variety of options available. You could look for a gym that has all the necessary machines for ample weight training routines as well as cardio equipment. This is fine if there is one close and you can make the break for regular visits. Another alternative that is often more convenient and can be less pricey would be to work out at home. A full workout can be performed in the comfort of your own home which can be a fantastic plus. This way there is no requirement for a gym club membership which can be a large cost saving. The best home gym for your need would be an installation that provides resistance, cardio and flexibility training equivalent or better than the general gym equipment. There are several first-rate packages available on the market that fit these requirements. They range from fairly bulky and very costly to small and at a very affordable price. If space at home is a concern, consider a portable gym that can be packed when not in use. A “Gym in a Bag” resistance training system that fits in a bag and can be put up anywhere is ideal.

For those of you who have only played Golf and never did any form of weight training routines in your training program I would suggest that you start by suggest a personal trainer to help get you going. Most good gym centers have in-house personal trainers but as a rule independent trainers will also work with you on a good home gym program. Generally speaking a 4 week basic program is a good start. Be aware though, it can easily become double that or more if you lack focus and planning. This is a frequent problem for a lot of us when we are first introduced to a new fitness strength training program. The way to achieve this is by scheduling a time slot of around 30-45 minutes every second day just for training. This is specially important when you work out at home. The best home gym in the world will not deliver the expected results if you don’t follow a good workout. If a personal trainer is not an alternative but you do opt for a home gym, than make sure that the system selected has a complete set of instruction DVD and printed manuals. You will be astonished at how quickly it becomes a habit and the results come soon by doing it this way.

It may take you a little while before you start to get the ball better with better balance and, better still, with less discomfort. With some dedication and diligence however you’ll surprise not only yourself but if you don’t watch out you’ll soon be labelled a “burglar”.

Elizabeth Todd is keen on keeping fit, loves going to the gym and has fitness strength training DVDs and equipment at home for a rainy day when she can’t go for a walk or when she just doesn’t have time to go to the gym. She’s not a fitness freak but a great believer in the need for combining good nutrition with regular exercise. Her motto is “Diets alone don’t work; we all need exercise with it to enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle.”