Strength And Stretch Class

Strength and stretch classes help in learning the basic concepts of muscle contraction. Many people use stretching as a warm up exercise or also for cool down. But, for serious practitioners, it is a complete workout in itself. For the aid of such people, there are strength and stretch classes. These classes prove beneficial in reducing stress, improving posture, strengthening the muscles. They also help in improving the flexibility of the body thus enhancing the range of motion of all body parts. They also help in increasing the core strength body and also work towards mental balance.

Strength and stretch classes basically include pre-yoga stretches and a few yoga poses. Light weight training and complex stretching may be included later. Normally these are started with low intensity and gradually the intensity may be increased i.e. the stretch complexity, the time each stretch is held increases. A regular stretch and strength exercise not only strengthens the muscles but also helps in healing of the troubled muscles. This also has several health benefits as the entire body as well as the brain is involved in the exercise.

Some benefits of strength and stretch are as given below:

• Decrease in overall stress levels and muscle spasms
• Strengthening of muscles
• Increase in flexibility of the body and the range of motion of body parts
• Improves balance, co-ordination of mind and body.
• Improves overall health of mind and body
• Improves circulation in the body and overall performance levels

• It also help in reducing the pain in joints and muscles

• Decrease risk of coronary heart diseases and helps fight cholesterol
• Increase in the basal metabolic rate

There are different levels for strength and stretch classes starting from the basic and going up to very advanced level. The basics are generally for people who are not much acquainted with exercise or yoga and who have an inflexible body. It consists only of preliminary stretches and very little strength training. The intensity of stretches is generally low in this class.

This is followed by the intermediate level in which the stretching becomes more intense and a variety of stretches acting on each and every body part are included. Light weight training starts at this point.

And finally there is advanced level in which complicated stretches are taken up. The intensity of the weight training also increases considerably. The flexibility requirement for the exercises increases progressively in the 3 steps. After completing each stage, the body becomes more flexible and ready for the next level.

Yoga covers both strength as well as stretch and hence yoga plays a crucial role. All yogic poses are basically stretch exercises. Yogic poses and stretches play a crucial part in these classes. So, for all those of you who are looking for a good workout that would boost your immunity system, increase the flexibility of your body, and help in stress management, strength and stretch classes are the best option. So get started today!