Crossfit Climbing Peg Boards

For all of you who do not know what Crossfit is, it’s a core strength and conditioning program.  There are Crossfit gyms that you can go to and you can even do the Crossfit “WOD” or work out of the day on their website!  Check it out I highly recommend it!

This program uses a lot of basic full body moves and basic equipment.  Climbing ropes are a great item but climbing peg boards are great as well.  Climbing peg boards can be hung up in any gym and even outdoors.  They are available in different sizes and hole configurations so you are sure to find the one that fits your skill level.

Climbing Peg Boards offer a full upper body workout.  It works the muscles of the arms, shoulders, upper back, and mid back. You will definitely have fun using a peg board.  Use it to challenge yourself or even a friend.  A little friendly competition can go a long way in reaching your fitness goals.

Climbing peg boards come in 6 foot tall by 6″ widths, 6 foot tall by 12″ widths and a 3 foot x 3 foot size.  You can get different hole patterns with the 6 foot tall boards to fit your skill level.  The more holes the easier the board is.   Some people hang up a few 3′ x 3′ boards side by side and use it to climb horizontally making it even more challenging.

However you set up your climbing peg board it is sure to provide a good workout and a challenge.  For many Crossfit gyms the climbing peg board is an integral part of their circuits.  It is easy to purchase one for your home as well.  Just find a place that gives you enough height to hang it and you are all set.  Some people put them in their garage, outside or in their exercise rooms.  As long as you have a tall ceiling height and a secure place to anchor the brackets you are set to hang the board.  You can hang it on wood studs, poured concrete, or brick.  They come with the brackets you just need to buy the correct hardware for your application.