How to Boost Your Motivation to Exercise

It is likely that you regard the idea of exercise as highly appealing in order to enhance your general well-being and appearance. However, you may find yourself lacking the actual drive to carry out your intention to exercise, particularly on a daily basis. You may have started out exercising with full determination and enthusiasm but as the days past by, you probably grew tired and bored, developed an illness or just couldn’t find the time to exercise. However, if you find that level of motivation that induced you to exercise in the first place and augment it throughout the long term, you will find yourself fulfilling your goal. This article explores some different approaches to boost your level of motivation to exercise which you can apply to your own routine.

1.    Set a clear fitness goal

You need to construct a clear and realistic goal. Describe in exact terms what you wish to ultimately attain and assign a deadline date to reach it by. Planning every step and allocating time to reach this goal is crucial. By doing so, you will head in the right direction and become motivated to reach your goal within a certain time period.

2.    Have enough reasons to work out

Before planning your exercise regime, you should write down all the reasons why you wish to exercise. This may be to feel and look good, to attract a partner or you could be performing exercise for health reasons or all of the above. Whilst exercising, you may feel unmotivated to push yourself further so you should then recall that list you wrote to assist you form a positive attitude again.

3.    Make a commitment

If you make a commitment to exercise to yourself or verbally convey this to someone, you will feel a sense of obligation to carry this out in order to avoid feelings of let down and embarrassment. 

4.    Know the benefits of working out

You should understand the wide plethora of benefits to exercise. This includes and is not limited to shedding fat from your body, maintaining a low cholesterol level and healthy joints, and preventing the development of cardiovascular disease, stroke, insulin dependent diabetes and osteoporosis.

5.    Choose some fun exercises to do

Repetitive exercise activities are not only highly boring but will also deter you from exercising again. Therefore you should implement a variety of fun exercises to spice up your workout routine and boost your motivation to exercise.

6.    Hang out with positive and healthy people

Choosing a circle of friends who all have a positive and healthy approach to life is likely to influence you to form the same attitude. That’s why it is important to hang out with such people to maintain your interest in exercise.

7.    Work out with a friend

It will be more enjoyable, simple and effective by many folds if you choose to work out with friends. This would also be a great way to motivate you and at the same time, allow you to catch up with the latest gossips. However, make sure that the majority of time is consumed in actual exercising and not social chit-chat.

8.    Hire a personnel trainer

The benefits of hiring a personal trainer are far-fetching. Not only will they keep you motivated but they will assist you with your fitness and diet plans, help you learn new skills and lose weight much more comfortably and quickly. If you wish to take up this option, you should enquire whether the personnel trainer is certified and experienced so you can obtain value for your money.

9.    Develop the habit of working out

If you adhere strongly to an everyday long term work-out routine, you would not have to think twice about exercising as it will have become a habit, similar to that of brushing your teeth or hair.

10.    Go easy on yourself

You should never overload yourself with exercise within a short time space and then criticize yourself for the inability to complete it. It is also not the end of the world if you miss a particular work-out routine due to other pressing commitments. Remember that you can always redeem yourself at another time. Additionally, try not to compare yourself with the progress of other people, as every one functions differently due to differences in biological make-up. Attempt to reward yourself for everything you accomplish, regardless how small it is. Failure to do so can definitely drain your motivation to exercise.

11.    Keep records

By keeping a track record of your progress and accomplishments, you will enhance your confidence levels and believe that you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it.

12.    Do something else while working out

Try to keep your mind occupied whilst exercising by watching TV, listening to the radio or your favorite song on your iPod etc. This will add to your fun and excitement and before you know it, countless hours will have been spent in working out. 

13.   Get results

Muster up all your efforts and drive yourself to achieving your goal which usually is to get results. No significant results in your appearance and mood after a long period of exercising can highly discourage you and act as a catalyst to make you give up exercising. After all, you will not perceive any worth in exercising if you cannot feel and see any differences.

14.    Get compliments

Compliments can act as an ego booster and prompt you to exercise even further, knowing that others can detect the results of your hard work and efforts.