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Common conditions when you may experience a pimple breakout on your skin

Pimple breakouts are the most painful skin condition people could have in their lives.  There are people who may experience pimples on their skin in their early teens or they may get into the condition when they are in their adulthood or entering the 20 or 30s.

There is no guarantee that you will be able to stop them instantly. Sometimes it is easier to control them and sometimes it takes days or weeks to get into the core issue and control them properly.

The fact behind the breakout is that they are simply triggered by a single or a set of multiple issues that give rise to the uncontrollable breakout spreading throughout your face or on your skin.

There could be many ways to get rid of pimples and you need to know how to prevent breakouts by knowing the core problem or the root cause of the breakout.

It is simple because when you have a certain routine that you follow and you take good care of your skin, a little disturbance in the routine or a change of procedures may trigger the problem. In fact, a little change in the procedures, products or methods used for the skincare makes the skin overly sensitive and that makes it vulnerable to breakout. Some of the common conditions that give rise to the breakout of pimples on your skin could be:

  • Threading procedure to remove small hairs
  • Facial waxing
  • Scratching a lot
  • Tanning of your skin though lotions and direct sunlight
  • Eating lots of Chocolate
  • Shaving the skin
  • Using a lot of or low-quality makeup products
  • Eating fats and greasy foods

If you are doing any of the above things even if you know your skin is sensitive or may have been showing certain issues in the past like blemishes or so, prepare yourself for the pimple extravaganza.

The sensitive skin develops pimple breakout when their skin is attacked by harmful rays, dust, and germs from the outside.

All of the above-mentioned procedures make the pores dilated and open to accept the mess around the environment. That is why the skin has a greater chance of developing pimples abruptly throughout the surface.