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The Best Exercise Equipment For Cardio Workouts

A cardio workout refers to your body performing large muscle movement over a sustained period of time. This means that for your body to retain its energy, your heart and lung system must have the capacity to deliver oxygen evenly to both systems. To build up your cardiovascular fitness, there are multiple pieces of equipment to choose from. Be sure to pick the machine that fits your needs and requirements.

Cardiovascular exercise helps you achieve aerobic endurance, and is also great for weight management, burning calories, increasing your metabolism and strengthening the immune system. If you follow your cardio workout seriously, you can control high blood pressure, diabetes, increase your lung capacity, and make your heart stronger. To achieve all these health benefits, you need to use the cardio equipment that suits you best. While people may choose only one kind of equipment for their cardio workouts, many do their cardio workouts on several different pieces of equipment. Here is a list of the most commonly used equipment that people use for cardiovascular fitness –

* Treadmill – Perhaps the most popular piece of cardio equipment, treadmills are perfect for those who like to walk or run. Treadmills provide for a great workout option in unfavorable weather conditions. Walking is an easy choice to strengthen muscles and bones and can be done by nearly all individuals, no matter their fitness level. Running on a treadmill set at a 2% incline is really good for building stamina and burning calories.

* Stationary Bike – Stationary bikes are a great cardio workout option for those with joint pain. Recumbent bikes should be your choice if you are new to cycling and need back support. These are also the smart choice for those struggling with pain in their lower back.

* Elliptical – Elliptical machines are preferred because they are low impact and reduce the stress on joints. They are perfect if you enjoy walking or running, and they also give you a complete body workout. With an additional upper body component that works out your arms, the number of burnt calories is often higher on elliptical machines. Ellipticals can serve as an alternative to a treadmill for those who have previous knee or leg injuries.

* Stair Climber – This piece of equipment ensures an effective cardio workout and will also strengthen the muscles of your lower body. It’s important to work out with this machine while maintaining a good posture throughout the session. With time you will build up your endurance, and be able to sustain this workout for longer periods of time. If you have knee or leg injuries, this cardio workout may not be the best for you.

* Rowing Machine – Rowing machines provide you resistance benefits with your cardio training. Not only will this equipment help build up your stamina, it will also exercise all the major muscle groups in your body.