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Things You Should Know When You Are Pregnant

The embryo goes through changes when you realized you are pregnant. Thus, the heart and brain are being developed during these changes. It is only two to three weeks old! Since that this embryo will be your child, getting your body for pregnancy is important. This is because proper health care and nutrition plays a big part in the embryo’s development into a healthy baby.

One of the ways to do this is to visit your doctor and make sure that your body is suitable for pregnancy. This visit is known as preconceptional visit. In doing this, bring along the father-to-be and list out some health family histories. This can help you to get ready for whatever that might happen in the future. Apart from that, a gynecologist visit can also be made. When taking a PAP test, it is good to tell your doctor that you are thinking of conceiving and the doctor will give you some advices.

When going for a preconcetional visit, your doctor will suggest looking at your histories. Listing out health related histories will help you and your baby to be healthy even way before pregnancy. By doing this, the doctor can also be aware of future health issues. When doing this, your doctor will ask a few questions on:

Past pregnancies and gynecologic history

Any health problem listed for your doctor will be helpful. Managing your pregnancy depends on the information given to the doctor. Subjects on previous pregnancies, miscarriage or premature birth may come to a discussion. The purpose of this is that such situation might occur again. Any gynecologic histories such as surgery on reproduction area or irregular periods might play a big role in your pregnancy.

Ancestor’s health

Your doctor will ask questions all the way back to your ancestry as some diseases can be inherited by certain populations. You can do this before getting pregnant. One of the advantages of listing out health-related histories is that you and your partner can look at options to make you and your child healthier. This is because whatever diseases that run in the family, it might be inherited by your child.

Your family history:

Analyzing family histories will make your doctor more aware about any health condition during or after the pregnancy. Some health conditions can be avoided before pregnancy by taking care such as spina bifida. Extra care before pregnancy will help you and your child.

Women using sperm donor should also find out more about their health related issues as it will definitely be in the embryo’s gene.