Bringing Your Bodyweight Exercise Routine To A New Level For Optimum Result

Bodyweight workouts are designed for people to be able to use their own body weight and movements to exercise rather than using expensive equipment at the gym. Unlike training with equipments that are just exercising only one area of the body in each movement, every movement in bodyweight training would build strength and endurance in multiple parts of your body.

The movements in bodyweight workout routines are actually quite simple and very much familiar to anybody, there are also some movements that are actually taken from old-style bodyweight exercises that have been modified. Modifications were made upon those “familiar” exercises in order to increase the difficulty level so they would become more powerful exercises like applying extra weights on the ankle or wrist, varying legs positioning as well as arms and hands that could maximize muscle toning.

Here are the things you can do to maximize your bodyweight training routine in order to gain the best result you can expect.

Include cardiovascular exercises in your workout routine. Switching between cardio warm-ups with bodyweight exercise then back to cardio will make your heart rate increase naturally, which is very good for your health. Another option is to start by walking before your exercise session, but it’s best to just switch between cardio and bodyweight workout.

Breaking your exercise routine into 2 or 3 short segments will give you the best fat burning results. You can try to perform a 10 minutes exercise at the time you used to spend on visiting a coffee pot at work for example. You will be surprised how a small change in your daily routine like that could give a tremendous effect on your body.

You can also apply timed circuits in your routine. Timed circuits also are known as a series of exercises with short relaxation in between. This method is commonly used by professional trainers and fitness experts to improve the results of the bodyweight training routine.

To carry out a timed circuits method, you just need to do a bodyweight workout in a specific number of times in certain time duration. For instance, if you do 30 pull-ups in 30 seconds that would be a timed circuit exercise, then continue to a different exercise with certain repetitions in a specific time range, and so on.

Note everything in your routine by keeping a training log. Include date, time, rep numbers, time of reps, cardio routines, also start and stop time. This will help you to keep track of the exercise progress, you will when to vary the exercises or when to increase the intensity. You can find many training logs available online or you can also try to create it using a spreadsheet program.

Last but not least, try to have fun with all your exercises, always try to vary your exercises routine so you don’t get bored doing the same workout over and over again. When you can maximize your bodyweight exercises, you will gain greater results even better than working out at a gym. You can have all the benefits of a healthier and stronger body just by exercising at home without any equipment in a short period of time.