10 Top Breakfast Recipes

These breakfast recipes are healthy, easy, quick and tasty. What else could you want from a healthy breakfast? This being the case there is no reason why you should reach for that box of processed cereal. These breakfast recipes are not only free of toxins and stresses to the body but they are also very nutrient dense which means that you will feel fuller for longer which means that you will not be reaching for more processed food after a few hours.

What you need to remember here is that weight loss is not about calorie counting, it is about having a nutrient dense, whole, healthy diet that gives your body everything that it needs. Do this and your body will reflect your efforts.

1) Scrambled Eggs and salmon – The eggs are full of protein, great fats and many vitamins and minerals. The salmon adds a substantial amount of omega 3 fatty acids to the small amount already found in the eggs.

2) Omelette with vegetables – Here your getting the great benefits of the eggs but also plenty of vegetables which will give you a good dose of fibre, vitamins and minerals.

3) Smoothie – This is an option for someone who is wanting to take on a larger amount of carbohydrates for their breakfast. Simply blend your selection of fruit and vegetables with raw milk or water. An example is strawberries, blueberries, banana, raw milk, ground seeds.

4) Oats, with berries, banana, apple – This is good old fashioned simple porridge, make with raw milk and some fruit to add flavour.

5) Liver and bacon – Liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods. Just a few of its benefits are that its high in protein, vitamin A and the vitamin B complex, particularly vitamin B12. Bacon not only adds protein to this meal but also great flavour. Fry with onion, mushrooms or what ever vegetable you want.

6) The One-pan English breakfast – This really is a simple, easy and fast breakfast to make. All you need is one frying pan and the ingredients. Just take your usual ingredients for your English breakfast (eggs, beans, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomato, potato slices etc.), cut the larger pieces up into smaller pieces and add it all to the pan. It may not look the tidiest meal but it is all there in an easy to eat, easy to prepare breakfast.

7) Oat pancakes – For the most simple option, blend 1 cup full of oats into a powder and then mix with eggs. This mixture can be poured into a pan and fried into a pancake. If you want to add more protein then just add some protein powder. For a variety of flavour try adding some raisins, cinnamon or banana.

8) 1 Pint of raw milk – This may seem like a unsubstantial meal and just a drink but you would be very wrong to think that. Raw milk is one of most nutritionally rounded foods available. There isn’t many nutrients your body needs that raw milk does not supply.

A related option for someone who is wanting to put on weight, that I often opt for would be the same pint of raw milk with a few raw eggs cracked into it, 2 table spoons of ground seeds, an even a few table spoons of raw cream. This is a very high calorie drink and keeps me full for hours and hours.

9) This one isn’t really a breakfast meal but it needs to be put in here to help you on your way to optimal health. Basically breakfast idea number 9 is dedicated to the healthy fats. Even if I don’t have enough time to make myself breakfast I always have my healthy fats. This includes a few table spoons of coconut oil, a few table spoons of flax oil and a few capsules of high vitamin butter fat and cod liver oil. This ensure that what ever happens throughout the day I am getting some very important, high quality nutrients that are hard to find in today’s fast food culture.

10) Protein Shake. This is not the best option here for a healthy body but it is one of the quickest and cheapest. Go with a quality brand as you get what you pay for when it comes to protein powders.

Remember that a healthy breakfast and a healthy diet includes variety. If you end up sticking to your favorite breakfast recipes from above you will not only not be getting a wide variety of nutrients but you will also become sick and bored of what your having and end up reverting back to your old habits. Pick a few breakfast recipes and try them for a week and then move on to a few more for the next week and work through them.