Cardiovascular Fitness Programs

Regular exercise is the most important thing that will keep you fit and healthy throughout the life. People make huge fuss around when it comes to shed some time for exercises. Exercise always helps in building strong immune systems that keeps away the infections. Thus, makes a person happy and healthy.

Many types of exercises benefit our health, but cardiovascular fitness is mostly admired because of its flexibility and simplicity. Numerous types of cardio training such as fartlek training, interval training, and continuous training are very much beneficial to have good health. Generally, continuous training includes activities in which maximum energy is supplied by aerobics. This is known as fist phase exercise that you need to workout for twenty to thirty to sixty minutes.

Fartlek training encloses combining of speed and endurance. This kind of training helps in improving the stamina of your intensity and speed. The continuous effort to increase the intensity level constructs lactic acid. You may wind up your running activity in twenty minutes. While you are running, increase the speed to such a level that it hikes up your heart rate. Then slow down and start jogging.

Interval training includes sporadic periods of movement and improvement. It reveals good introduction to rigorous training without involving excessive exhaustion. Your health will improve largely by walking. This method helps to eliminate lactic acid from muscles, transfer back to the liver and modify it to energy. You can consider this training as the best way to improvise your health and fitness.

Cardiovascular fitness should always be carried regularly, as it will improve the level of intensity and interval training. Set your program after consulting your doctors. We are providing you here with some sample cardio fitness programs which will helps in enhancing your health and fitness.

First program: 
Always warm up yourself and stretch for five to ten minutes. 
Go for 100 meters jogging or walk for 200 meters. 
Repeat this session for five times. 
Remember to cool down yourself after you finish your program.

Second program: 
Select any of cardiovascular equipment such as rower, bike, etc,. 
Get warmed up and stretched for five to ten minutes 
Finish first two minutes at the intensity of 85 % and second two minutes at 60%. 
You need to repeat this for four times. 
Keep on increasing the intensity at higher level and maintain the low intensity as it was. 
Have a few minutes warming down session.

Third program: 
Initiate first with warming up for five to ten minutes. 
Finish the session in four intervals 
Always make the intensity level at higher pace and lower down the level of intensity. 
Close the session after cooling down yourself.