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What Are The Benefits Of Kettlebell Training

Following a fitness regime of kettlebell training can sculpt your body into leaner and stronger version than it is today, especially in the waist, hips and rear end. They provide a range of other benefits including:

In a single workout you will work on all of your major muscle groups

They are a versatile and multi purpose fitness tool
They build your cardiovascular endurance to a high level
They burn up to 20 calories a minute
They increase your flexibility and mobility providing you with functional strength
They will help you to achieve stronger and leaner muscles in half the time of traditional workouts
They challenge you mentally as you try to conquer and tame a piece of iron
When you go to the gym you normally have to complete some type of cardio workout before or after your weight training routine. You can’t get your heart rate up to the same level as running on a treadmill when completing your weight lifting exercises. Having to complete both type of workout is time-consuming and doesn’t always give you the results you desire.
A kettlebell workout combines both of these workouts into one. Your heart rate increases as you move the kettlebell around your body, much more than would be achieved using traditional weight lifting exercises. Performing a dynamic kettlebell exercise for 30 seconds is equivalent to running or sprinting for 30 seconds. As you can see this type of workout is both very effective and takes half the time of traditional programmes found in the gym.

You get a better, more effective workout in 30 minutes with kettlebells than you would with traditional weights isolating muscle groups for an hour. During every workout all your major muscle groups get a workout from a single kettlebell exercise.

One of the basic foundational kettlebell exercises is the swing. When you perform the swing you work your arms, core, thighs, hamstrings and glutes in one go. By working your muscles in this way you are effectively training your muscles to work together as a unit. This means that you are training your muscles to work better for you in everyday life activities.

Training in this manner means you can grow incredibly strong without being bulky. It is this very fact that attracts many women to using kettlebells as part of their fitness regime. They get to look lean and fit without the risk of becoming bulky like men.

The kettlebell is very versatile and allows you pass it around your body and hand to hand easily which can lead to some dynamic exercises. You are also not limited by the weight of your kettlebell as you can continually mix up your repetitions, sets, time and exercises.

This versatility means you don’t need lots of other equipment, indeed your kettlebell is your complete home gym. You can perform more exercises with on kettlebell than you can with a complete set of multiple size free weights.

One final, but very important benefit of using kettlebells is you have to remain completely focussed on what you are doing. One of the keys to mastering each exercise is to build the ability to focus and concentrate on where you feel the movement and how you move with the kettlebell.