The Three Biggest Weight Loss Benefits of Aerobics

Many of us have heard about the health benefits of aerobics. When we do aerobics, our heart and lungs work hard to pump oxygen-rich blood to feed the tissues in our body. As we put our heart to exercise, our heart muscle wall becomes stronger and pumps blood throughout the body with less effort.

When the heart works less hard, there is less wear and tear and reduced risk of heart failure. Besides being beneficial to heart health, do you know that aerobics also plays a crucial role in weight loss?

Here are the three biggest weight loss benefits of aerobics:

1) Aerobics Burns Body Fat

Aerobics or cardio, as fitness buffs call it, coupled with a balanced weight loss diet and strength training is the best weight management strategy. Just twenty minutes of aerobics a day helps burn belly fat. Hunger pangs are reduced, in turn reducing our calorie intake and helping us to lose weight more quickly.

2) Aerobics Facilitates Body Detox

Aerobic exercise improves blood circulation. Oxygen-laden blood is delivered more efficiently to our body tissues, while waste material and other body toxins are efficiently eliminated in a similar fashion. Stubborn fat no longer has any toxin molecules to cling to, and is thus easily burned off. For women, this is good news as this means that they will have less cellulite which is usually manifested in the form of unsightly-looking skin resembling orange peel around their stomachs, hips and thighs. There is also less water retention, hence helping us to look and feel less fat.

3) Increased Metabolism

Doing aerobic exercise with weights helps to tone our muscles. Increased muscle mass helps us to continue to burn calories and fat, even when we are sleeping. Losing weight becomes faster even without severe dieting.

Now that you’ve understood the slimming benefits of aerobics, isn’t it time to start your aerobics workout?