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Total Body Workout to Get You Losing Weight and Feeling Healthy

So you decided to make 2010 your year. You want to get into the best shape of your life, and then I am here to share with you some valuable information.

First of all, I am not a fitness expert. I took the Body-for-Life challenge a few years ago. I have read countless book on fitness, nutrition and supplements. I am going to share in this article a good place to start if you want to start a resistance training routine.

This workout is designed to help a beginner get started. It also can be used to help someone stay fit. If you are at your ideal weight this should just help you stay there. If you need to lose some weight this will help you lose some weight and look more defined. I know that women like to use the word toned.

If you are over weight, make sure you do this workout. It is designed to help burn fat. You can add supplements to enhance the fat burning process, but lifting weights is the best thing you can do.

That being said, I will tell you the equipment you need for this workout. I recommend a cheap weight bench, free weights, and a stationary bike. You can find this equipment pretty cheap. Years ago, I found everything at a thrifts store for $15 dollars.

We will be doing a full body workout 3 times a week. A lot of people make the mistake of working out too much. You need to do resistance training 3 times a week, and 3 times a week do cardio.

I will tell you I am not a big fan of cardio. I love to do resistance training, but I just do not like cardio. I still do it, but I will let you know my secret to that.

Doing resistance training will build muscles. Now, ladies do not worry, you will not grow huge muscles. You will build muscles, but you will just look toned. You will have to take lots of supplements and workout really heavy to grow muscles like the body builders.

This is a total body workout. If you do not know what the exercise is you can Google it or contact me, and I will be glad to help. You can find videos on YouTube as well.

Do this resistance routine on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Do cardio Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Here are the exercises:
Bench Press
Chest Flyes
One Arm Rows
Bent Over Rows
Shoulder Press
Front Laterals
Tricep Kickbacks
Bicep Curls
Calf Raises
Reverse Crunches

If you are a beginner, do one set of 12 reps for each exercise. The next week add a set until you get up to 3 sets of 12.

Now, I do cardio only for 20 minutes. I warm-up for the first 2 minutes then I ride with more intensity for one minute. Then the next minute I ride slower. I keep doing this until I get to minute 18 and then I cool down. You will get a good workout if you do this.

If you know for sure one day you cannot do your cardio workout you can do it on the same day as your resistance training, but make sure it is after your workout. Plus, you can also, do it in the morning and resistance at night. But if you do them together, cardio should always follow resistance training.