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5 Reasons Why You Really Need to Do Cardio Training

You only have one body, you should take care of it! Being fit and healthy should not be a fad, but a way of life. Being fit can help you not only to lose weight, but also make you feel years younger.

The best way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is through doing cardio training.

What exactly is Cardio training?

Cardio training, sometimes referred to as aerobic exercise can include any activity that requires you to use the large muscle groups for a period of time. Cardio refers to Cardiovascular – which has to do with the heart. So it raises the heart rate between 60 and 85 percent of your maximum heart rate.

Some aerobic exercise activities include fast walking, jogging/running, aerobics, cycling and swimming. Generally workouts where there is no break in the routine. Cardio workouts are aerobic exercise because you are required to move from one exercise to another.

Why Cardio Training?

1. Get More Energy

Once you have done regular Cardio training for a while, you will notice that you have a lot more energy and a higher endurance.

2. Prevent Illness

Regular aerobic exercise could help prevent heart disease, and is also useful in preventing diabetes, obesity or even high cholesterol – and it strengthens the heart and the lungs. Cardio exercise, like fast walking and jogging are great for anyone wanting to prevent these illnesses.

3. Maintain your Weight

Cardio training enables you to burn more calories. This is great news for anyone who wants to lose weight. aerobic workouts are also good for people who are happy with their weight and simply want to control their weight.

Always be sure to consult your doctor to find out what exercise is ideal for your situation.

4. Lose Fats

Although you may not want to lose weight as such, there may be bits of fat, or flab that are in the way. Cardio training uses large muscle groups, which, with regular use will help make you leaner.

5. Reduce stress

Aerobic exercise will help elevate your heart rate and reduce the tension you may be feeling. It is also a great way to get rid of your frustrations.

Recommendations to enjoying the benefits of Cardio Training

If you want to improve your health, aerobic exercise is the key. It is ideal to do 30 to 45 minutes of exercise, 3 to 5 days a week. For weight loss, it is best to do do the exercise more regularly. Be sure to avoid wearing yourself out too much with the exercise as you may overdo it and end up with injuries. The key is regularity, more than endurance.

Start immediately! There is no time like the present – go for a walk, or cycle around the block now. Set a goal plan, and follow it. Your weight loss will be helped along if you also modify your diet, and eat a bit healthier at the same time. You will probably find that the exercise makes you want to be healthier, so this should become easier.

As your fitness increases, your intensity in training should also increase. Ensure that you have plenty of variation, as your body will quickly adapt to a mundane routine. Try to intensify portions of your training. For example, if you are running, increase the speed of your run – perhaps run one or two minutes faster in every five minute block.

Aerobic exercise is best done early, not just before going to bed. You will probably find that your energy is up after training, and you will struggle to get to sleep immediately.

Cardio exercises are best done after weight training (if incorporating weight training too) rather than before.

Cardio training will require lots of energy, try to have a small snack half an hour before training, rather than train on an empty stomach. If you have no food beforehand, you may run out of energy too soon. However, don’t eat too much before exercise, just enough to give yourself a boost of energy.

Try to do some of your training outside, as the fresh air will do you good. It also gets you out into your neighborhood, and is a great way of meeting other people out exercising.

Most of all, be consistent in your training, and stick to your plan.