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Total Body Training – Basic Planning

You want a new training programme? So you automatically think I’ll do a 3 way split Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps and Legs/Shoulders throw in some wrist curls a few sets of calf raises job done. Right!

Training splits are one of the most common errors amongst men young and old and haven’t seemed to have faded. We all want a finely sculpted bodies like Arnie and Sly, but who has the time to spend endless hours in the gym doing a bodybuilding routein when we waste time doing wrist curls and luckily missing out legs because our hour is up and we’ve run out of time. Very balanced you’ve made yourself, who sees my legs anyway?!

The Basics

1) Plan your routein, get a pen and paper or invest in a notebook carry it with you around the gym. Note your exercises, reps, sets, rest, and maximum weight lifted.

2) Stick to it – you won’t get anywhere winging it each workout; you’ll be un-balanced with bad posture small chest and big biceps. Results come with time sticking with a planned programme along as you monitor weights you’ll see progression.

3) Look at diet post and pre exercise nutrition start simply and work from there

4) All body training works best having key moments each workout and adding in extras after your key movements are done. You’ll burn more calories, get a balanced workout and not waste time doing minor exercises. A good 3 day example might look something like this:

  • Day 1) Squat/Push forward/ Pull backward
  • Day 2) Deadlifts/Pull downward/Push upward
  • Day 3) Lunge/ Deadlifts/Push forward/ Pull backward/ Pull downward/Push upward done as a circuit or using super-sets

5) Plan your overall programmes using a session log for each workout where you can log weights reps/sets each visit. It’s also got a number of key exercises for each of the different movements so you can very it on your next programme. (if you’re not sure of about the exercises shown, STRENGTH TRAINING ANATOMY might be a good book you buy.

6) Change your workouts every 6-12 weeks and changing the intensity of a training session will be increased using the following: Pyramids, supersets, Pre-exhaust, Tempo changes, using stable-unstable, recovery, sets, reps, circuit formation, and PHA.

7) Work as hard as you can, stressing your muscles a little more each time. If you start and finish a 6-12 week cycle and you’re still using the same weights how much bigger, leaner and stronger will you be? Record, record, record.