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Running for Fitness – The Benefits of a Slow Jog

We know that running will help us become fit and lean, but what benefits do we receive from going for a slow jog? Slow jogging 3 times per week can deliver the health benefits you’d expect from an exercise program while avoiding some of the potential problems that can arise from more vigorous training. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to receive from running for fitness:

    • If you’re struggling with your weight, jogging can and will burn off the calories you need to drop pounds. Best of all, jogging at an easy pace naturally places your body in a heart rate zone that is best for burning fat. To burn fat effectively, you don’t want your heart rate too high. The easier you run, the better you burn fat.


    • As an impact sport, jogging is good for bone density. One of the best things you can do to combat osteoporosis is jogging. It will stimulate your body to deposit more calcium in your bones. Although runners may look very lean, their bones are dense and healthy.


    • Some people worry that running for fitness can damage joints. In fact, evidence suggests that easy jogging in proper footwear can actually improve the condition of joints in the lower body. It appears that running stimulates the body to strengthen joints,


    • If you’re concerned that exercise will make you look bulky from building up muscles, you won’t have those concerns from jogging. Running – especially a slow jog – will burn fat and leave your leg muscles lean and toned.


    • If you suffer from insomnia, jogging will help you sleep better. Exercise causes biochemical responses in your body that will help you sleep. When I’m running for fitness, I sleep very well. And as an added benefit, sleeping well reduces the type of stress that contributes to weight gain.


  • A key benefit that comes from running is improved cardiovascular health. Jogging is a fabulous way to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels and lower your resting heart rate.

So, if you’ve been thinking about taking up running for fitness, get yourself a pair of running shoes, find a good beginning running program and get started, Your body will thank you.