The Trend Of CrossFit Workouts

CrossFit workouts are programs that focus on strengthening and conditioning. This type of workout method is used widely in gyms across the world, as well as in training programs for firefighters, law enforcement, and military organizations. This system was founded in 1995 by former high school gymnast Greg Glassman.

CrossFit workouts incorporate three training areas consisting of sprinting, weightlifting, and gymnastics. When used in classes at gyms, a different workout is created each day, known as the “workout of the day” or “WOD.” Each workout is unique, but all combine the same 10 specific principles which include accuracy, balance, stamina, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, agility, flexibility, strength, coordination, power, and speed. These workouts at gyms are usually twenty minutes of very high intensity activity, and may only be focused on one specific exercise.

Various methods are used to accomplish the strengthening of these areas. Heavy objects are carried over certain distances, and Olympic weightlifting styles are also used. Olympic weight lifting consists of lifting a single barbell with maximum pound weights on either side. Trainees and athletes run, use dumbbells, jump rope, and do body weight exercises. Body weight training consists of exercises that do not incorporate objects or weights, such as pull-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Squats are the most important to master because this form of motion is used the most throughout a normal day.

Since the start of CrossFit workouts, the annual CrossFit Games have been held. These games have been held for the program to test out new methods to use in the future for these workout programs. Champions of these games usually win a large money prize. This system also has an exercise program geared towards children, called CrossFit Kids. This program incorporates all the important elements focused on in the adult workout, but at a much lower level. This workout is great for kids, as CrossFit aims to improve neurological adaptations.

There are some well-known CrossFit coaches including Bill Starr and former NFL player John Welbourn. Welbourn started the CrossFit football program. This specific program uses CrossFit techniques to simulate the fast paced moves and environment of a football game. It is intended to improve the football player’s skills on the field, in which mere seconds and inches matter the most.

The program also has a recommended diet plan. Sugar is completely eliminated from this diet, and starches are advised to be at very low intake. Lean meats, garden vegetables, nuts and seeds are big on the menu. It is also recommended to research Paleolithic diet models as references for a good diet.

This workout system has been successful because it aims at being universal. It is not geared toward just one type of person. It has been produced to fit any type of person looking to improve themselves in all areas that CrossFit focuses on. One concept that it does not bother with is physical appearance. Whereas some workout programs aim to improve how the body looks, this one only serves the purpose to improve the human body on all levels of performance.